David Fleshman

About The Artist

David Fleshman is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates colorful abstract and figurative works employing painting and digital design. His works are inspired by master artists like Paul Cezanne and Wayne Thiebaudmaster and graphic designer Alan Fletcher.

Fleshman successfully merges traditional and technical practices to develop a unique, cohesive style. He prefers the use of oils on canvas and digital photography for his two-dimensional works and aluminum casting and mixed media for his sculptures.

His paintings explore the notion of connection and his relationship with his surroundings. Animals, landscapes, cityscapes, and inanimate objects take center stage in his lively canvases showcasing a realistic style like “Creamer & Bottles” and “Cakes.”

When working on digital media, he uses a DSLR Canon camera to capture his images and then manipulates the photographs until obtaining the desired result to produce mesmerizing digital imagery. His digital paintings showcase an abstract style that explores the notion of energy and light, like in “A Pathway of Lights.”

His prolific talent also excels with his creative sculptures, where he focuses on showcasing animals like in “Owl Sitting on Metal Box” and “Alligator on Wooden Base.”

Committed to giving his best, David Fleshman skillfully translates complex emotions into a vibrant, dynamic, visual language. As his own emotions get entrenched in his creative process, his style develops and continues offering new views of the world we see.

” I am a graphic designer and an artist; I put in my best-detailed craftsmanship and the time needed to complete each project.” David Fleshman


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