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ArtTour International Brings Ocean Conservation to the Runway at New York Fashion Week

ArtTour International is set to present a special runway show at New York Fashion Week in September. The show will highlight the incredible work of two artists, Sveta Long and Viviana Puello, who have come together to create a stunning collection focused on environmental conservation. The show’s theme is “Sacred Waters,” which aims to raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation awareness, the main focus of the collaborative collection by artists Sveta Long and Viviana Puello.

The collection will feature various pieces, including a jewelry collection, all created with the ocean in mind. The jewelry pieces are crafted with eco-friendly materials, such as recycled metals and natural gemstones. The runway show highlights the importance of the oceans, which provide a source of life for millions of species and are essential to our planet’s survival.

Through this collection and the runway show, ArtTour International aims to raise awareness about the current state of the oceans and inspire viewers to take action toward protecting them. The Sacred Waters collection showcases the beauty and fragility of our oceans while emphasizing the urgent need for conservation efforts.

Viviana Puello - ArtTour International

Viviana Puello

Viviana Puello’s jewelry collection is stunning, crafted with recycled materials, metals, egg cartons, and semi-precious stones. In her pieces, sea creatures dance in silver and gold, showcasing the beauty of the sea and its precious resources. The pieces are all handcrafted by native artisans from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, a location known for its stunning beaches and environmental conservation efforts. Viviana’s designs perfectly complement Sveta’s pieces, adding another dimension to the entire collection.

Sveta Long - Top Featured Artist

Sveta Long

Sveta Long’s pieces are known for their vibrant colors and flowing fabrics that beautifully accentuate the female figure. Her signature hand-painted dresses have earned her international recognition, and this new collection continues to showcase her exceptional talent. Sveta Long’s hand-painted clothing collection features sea creatures and ocean colors, adding an element of elegance and delicacy that will captivate both fashion lovers and conservation enthusiasts. With “Sacred Waters,” Sveta’s pieces evoke the beauty and tranquility of the oceans, reminding us of their importance in our world.

New York Fashion Week

The “Sacred Waters” collaborative collection uniquely blends Sveta Long and Viviana Puello’s styles and expertise. Together, they bring to life a stunning display highlighting the importance of ocean conservation and encouraging us to protect our planet’s natural resources.

ArtTour International’s commitment to environmental conservation is admirable, and their choice to highlight it on a global stage like New York Fashion Week is a testament to their dedication. The show will surely be a spectacular event showcasing not just art and fashion but also the beauty of the oceans and the need to protect them.

ArtTour International’s runway show is a platform for showcasing the work of talented artists and designers who share the company’s commitment to positively impacting the world. The Sacred Waters collection is a beautiful example of how art and fashion can come together to create meaningful change.

The ArtTour International Runway Show is on September 8th at 1 pm at Runway 7 during New York Fashion Week. Tickets are available on their website. Join us to witness top designers and artists making a statement about environmental conservation. ArtTour International is committed to raising awareness and motivating action. Support their noble cause by attending this impactful show.

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