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kimberly berg

Kimberly Berg

Kimberly Berg is an award-winning American artist, feminist advocate, and intuitive who highlights the feminine power and grace through striking imagery. He uses his figurative work as a tool to communicate his firm beliefs and journey in fighting for women’s rights.

Bergs’s works are predominantly figurative, incorporating realistic drawing, which acts as the backbone of the composition presented to the viewer. He also frequently avoids an overburdened background, a feature which aims to elevate the figure depicted as the sole protagonist of the piece and avoid excess information.

kimberly berg

Mandala 01

The chromatic palette utilized focuses on darker, cool tones that enhance the mystical atmosphere, which is one of the main elements in his work. His works focus on the feminine essence of the human being. He refers to himself as a “male, feminist artist” who wishes to voice both beauty of the female figure and the mysticism connected with the feminine symbolically.

Berg uses color to connect his audience to the natural elements concerning his subjects; All these elements are the key characteristics in Berg’s work, always evoking a dialog, thus structuring a cohesive representation of mysticism and knowledge of color technique.

In the mastery of his work, Berg depicts the luscious, benevolent, and liberated woman. His work honors the beauty and magnificence of the female figure, and his interest in making women aware of their history have been successfully captured through his paintings.


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