Alison Barrows-Young

Alison Barrows-Young

About the Artist

Alison Barrows-Young

American born, Alison Barrows-Young is known for her diversity within mediums, themes, and styles. Young’s portfolio is an intriguing display of figurative, abstract, and elemental work, representing social, environmental, and personal concepts fusing human elements with eccentric patterns to stunning effect. Her paintings beam with a kaleidoscope of  bright tones, and soft earthy contrasts.

“Sacred Water Trio”

Mixed Media

As of recent, she is using traditional styles of icon art with pyrography, and wood burning, to shine a light on the refugee crisis taking place in North America. Her themes are sensitive to the many challenges faced around the globe; and focus on promoting peace, this is a signature concept found in each of her paintings through the spiritedness depiction of landscapes, and capturing the details that effectively deliver the power in her human subjects expression’.

“During this new coronavirus pandemic, the countries run by female leaders are doing the best among the world’s many populations. This is not a coincidence. Matriarchal systems will lead us to the profound social change that is needed. As the world faces hunger, war, toxic environments, massive refugee populations, and viral pandemics, it is the children and the wild ecosystems, along with their precious flora and fauna, which matters. Are our progeny destined to suffering and annihilation along with the world they will inherit from us? The mothers of the world care, familial instinct, and perspective will make a change for the better. A community thrives where it is most valuable and is organized to support it.”-

Alison Barrows -Young

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