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Anne-Marie Mulligan

Anne-Marie Mulligan

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Explore Ethereal Imagery with Anne-Marie Mulligan

by Viviana Puello.

“Essence 16” Oil on Canvas, 36″x36″ by Anne-Marie Mulligan.

Anne-Marie Mulligan is an incredibly talented artist who creates stunning oil paintings and oil and wax works that exude serenity. Through her use of calming colors, peaceful scenes, and atmospheric changes, Mulligan instills a sense of peace and tranquility in the viewer. Her artwork allows viewers to explore and appreciate the beauty and harmony of the world around them. Experience the enchanting artwork of Anne Marie Mulligan and be transported to a place of serenity.

Anne-Marie Mulligan’s unique ability to create serene oil paintings and oil and wax works leaves viewers in awe. Each piece showcases her attention to detail and mastery of her technique. Mulligan’s talent lies not only in her technical skills but also in her ability to evoke emotion and create a sense of tranquility through her artwork. She has an eye for capturing the beauty and harmony of the world around us.

“Essence 9” Oil on Panel, 16″x16″ by Anne-Marie Mulligan.

Anne-Marie Mulligan – Top Featured Artist.

“I believe that my life is an ever-changing journey of self-discovery . . .  and my paintings are an expression of love.”

– Anne-Marie Mulligan

Mulligan’s artwork is a captivating exploration of ethereal imagery. It transports viewers to a dreamlike world where beauty and tranquility abound. Her skillful brushstrokes and imaginative compositions create scenes that feel otherworldly yet familiar. Mulligan’s ability to capture the essence of ethereal landscapes and subjects is remarkable. Whether it’s a misty forest or a serene beach, Mulligan’s work invites us to immerse ourselves in the intangible and find a sense of wonder in the world around us.

The calming colors used in Mulligan’s paintings play a vital role in creating a sense of calm and serenity. Her careful selection of soft pastels and muted tones brings a soothing ambiance to her artwork. The gentle blues and greens evoke a sense of calmness, allowing viewers to escape from the chaos of everyday life and find solace in her paintings. Her more vibrant works evoke energy but embody her signature peacefulness and beauty. Mulligan’s artistic choices transport us to a world of inner peace.

“Reflections” Oil and Cold Wax on Panel, 36″x36″ by Anne-Marie Mulligan.

Creating atmosphere is an essential element of Mulligan’s artwork. Mulligan uses oil and wax to create depth and texture that adds a sense of atmosphere to her paintings. The combination of these mediums allows her to achieve a soft and dreamy effect and adds a tactile quality to her paintings, further enhancing the overall atmosphere. Mulligan’s mastery of this technique brings her art to life, enveloping the viewer in a relaxing ambiance.

Mulligan’s artwork has a profound influence on the emotions of viewers. Mulligan’s ability to capture the beauty and harmony of the world around us elicits an emotional response, leaving viewers feeling inspired and uplifted. Her art truly has the power to touch the hearts and souls of those who experience it.

In an exclusive interview, Anne-Marie Mulligan shares her passion for creating ethereal imagery and explains how she uses her artistic techniques to evoke a sense of tranquility. Her emotional connection to her art is evident as she discusses the power it holds to transport viewers to a place of serenity and wonder. Prepare to be inspired by Mulligan’s creative process and the beauty of her captivating artwork.

Anne-Marie Mulligan

Viviana Puello

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Written by Viviana Puello

Viviana is a Colombo-American Artist, Curator, Writer and Advocate for the arts. Founder of Vivid Arts Network, Create 4 Peace, Artists For A Green Planet, Author of the book “Just Be Inspired,” and an awardwinning director and producer. Viviana Puello founded ArtTour International Magazine in 2011. Since then, she has served as the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and the face for ArtTour International Magazine.
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