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Ramon Rivas
Ramon Rivas

I was Born in Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha / Spain). To define what art is to me, I have to incorporate into my work area, in addition to my family, multi professionals, and social experiences, the figure of the invisible, non-human witness, who receives information through multiple channels. That retains it to be processed by a brain that promotes creativity, novelty, surprise, imagination, and freshness to art. Above all, it gives freedom to material and immaterial elements, so that they participate on equal terms as if they were people.

Ramon Rivas

“Unicellular Surgery” 2020 – Mixed Media / Rivismo – Canvas , 76.7” x 76.7”

Ramon Rivas

“Experiential Puzzle” 2018 – Mixed Media / Rivismo – Canvas , 76.7” X 76.7”

Materials and mathematical or physical expressions, among others, participate in functions and feelings typical of human relationships. Hence, a conceptual balance is established between non-human elements; the strong and the weak, equality, empathy, or reassignment of roles. Weak or brittle materials come to occupy the characteristics and functions of strong materials. All this explanation is present in the textual content of the Philosophy and the Concepts of Rivismo.

My works, too, show a balance between the basic elements such as; the composition, textures, colors, etc. and above all, with the creation of an energetic current that circulates throughout the stage, between the material, immaterial and human elements, which is projected outwards, enveloping itself with the energy of the observer.

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