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Charles Whiting

Charles Whiting

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Charles Whiting: Photography as a Medium for Sharing His Love of Nature

Charles Whiting is a renowned nature photographer from Evergreen, Colorado. His work captures beautiful and unique landscapes, seascapes, and underwater scenes. Through his photography, Charles Whiting is able to share his immense love of nature with the world. He has learned to hone his craft and use his camera to express his passion for the natural world. With an eye for detail and an appreciation for the beauty of nature, Charles Whiting is truly a master at capturing the world’s beauty in its raw form.

“Paradise Divide” Digital Photograph by Charles Whiting .

Charles Whiting is an award-winning nature photographer who has honed his craft for over a decade. He views photography as a medium that helps him learn how to see the world around him. To him, it’s not just about taking pictures but about capturing and conveying the beauty of nature in its most natural form.

He believes that learning to observe the nuances of light, color, and texture through a camera’s lens helps him appreciate and understand his subject in ways he never thought possible. It’s also helped him learn how to select angles, angles of light, and composition that bring out the beauty and depth of his subjects.

Charles Whiting – Top featured Artist.

In addition, Charles firmly believes in the importance of patience when photographing the outdoors. Taking time to study the landscape, study the lighting conditions, and look for unique perspectives and angles can help him capture the most beautiful images possible. He also likes to take multiple shots of the same subject in different conditions and times of day to ensure he captures all aspects of its beauty.

By combining these skills with his passion for nature, Charles is able to take stunning photographs that transport viewers to places they could only dream of visiting. Through his photography, he strives to share his love of nature and hopes to inspire others to enjoy and appreciate their natural surroundings.

“Aspen Shadows” Digital Photograph by Charles Whiting.

He takes his time to find the best angles, light, and perspective to convey what he sees and make it come alive in a photograph. His photographs are often very intimate as if one is being invited to explore nature along with him. He is always looking for those perfect moments, whether it’s a stormy sea or the subtle hues of a sunset. His technique involves waiting for the right conditions and timing to capture something truly unique and special. He loves experimenting with different lenses, compositions, and lighting to bring out the texture and richness of his images. He captures the essence of a place by focusing on the details, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Charles Whiting takes his images using camera raw mode and post-processes the images using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. This allows him to capture the true beauty of nature without manipulating it. His goal is to remain faithful to his subject matter and not alter it in any way.
By following this systematic approach to editing, Charles can create stunning images that accurately portray the natural beauty of his subject matter.

“Kebler Pass with Hawk” Digital Photograph by Charles Whiting.

In addition to post-processing his images, Charles also has a few tricks up his sleeve when capturing his shots in the first place. He has an eye for composition and often uses dynamic range bracketing to capture multiple exposures of the same scene. He also pays close attention to detail, ensuring that each element in a scene is correctly exposed.

With his creative process in full swing, Charles can bring out the best in his photographs. Each one of his images is an invitation to appreciate and admire the wonders of the natural world.

In addition to being faithful to the subject of his photographs, Charles strives to respect the environment he photographs. He appreciates the natural order of things and takes great care to minimize any disturbance he may cause while taking pictures. He also makes sure to leave nothing behind and never disrupts or damages the environment.

By being faithful to the subject of his photographs and taking care of the environment he photographs, Charles can create a sense of connection between himself and his subject. By capturing the beauty of nature and preserving its integrity, he shares his love for the natural world with others. This connection allows viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature and gain an understanding of its importance.

Charles Whiting

Viviana Puello

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