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Eugene Kuperman

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Eugene Kuperman

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Visionary Realism: The Transformative Art of Eugene Kuperman

by Viviana Puello.

Eugene Kuperman’s artistry is a vibrant tapestry of the 21st century, interwoven with the golden threads of High Renaissance aesthetics. His philosophy, deeply rooted in the belief that art is a search for truth, resonates through his work, which he hopes will contribute to making the world a better place. Each piece is a unique expression of Kuperman’s diverse artistic language, free from the constraints of a singular style. This eclectic nature is evident as one might not immediately recognize a unified creator behind his body of work, ranging from works that echo 19th-century French Academic style to those breaking into expressionism and surrealism.

“Motherly Love” Oil on Linen by Eugene Kuperman.

Kuperman describes himself as having mastered drawing and painting without limitations, enabling him to express any concept across various formats. He is now expanding into sculpture, aspiring to carve marble like Michelangelo and venture into architecture and film. His creative process is as limitless as his inspiration, fed by dreams, photographs, and boundless imagination, ensuring that each creation is optimal in its representation of his ideas.

Eugene Kuperman – Top Featured Artist.

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” Oil on Canvas by Eugene Kuperman.

The artworks titled “The Alchemist,” “Motherly Love,” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” are crafted with oil on polyester, linen, and canvas, respectively, showcasing Kuperman’s dedication to diverse mediums and subjects. These pieces reflect his technical prowess and philosophical depth, inviting viewers to ponder the narratives within our current century through a lens polished by the mastery of the past.

“The Alchemist” Oil on Polyester by Eugene Kuperman.

For a deeper understanding of Eugene Kuperman’s art and his vision of a world enriched through creative expression, Eugene invites you to explore a world where every stroke tells a story and every canvas is a window into a soul tirelessly seeking beauty and truth in our complex era.

Eugene Kuperman

Viviana Puello

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Written by Viviana Puello

Viviana is a Colombo-American Artist, Curator, Writer and Advocate for the arts. Founder of Vivid Arts Network, Create 4 Peace, Artists For A Green Planet, Author of the book “Just Be Inspired,” and an awardwinning director and producer. Viviana Puello founded ArtTour International Magazine in 2011. Since then, she has served as the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and the face for ArtTour International Magazine.
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