Gerhard Rasser

Gerhard Rasser

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Gerhard Rasser’s Mixed Media Paintings Take Viewers on a Mystical Journey

Gerhard Rasser’s Mixed Media Paintings are like a portal to a mystical and fantastical world. Through his artwork, Rasser takes viewers on a journey to deserted landscapes and opens their eyes to the beauty and fragility of our existence. His landscapes feature tiny figures walking with purpose and determination while birds soar, reminding us of the freedom we can only aspire to. This combination of symbolism and surrealism makes Rasser’s work so captivating and memorable.

Gerhard Rasser is an Austrian artist and teacher pursuing his passion for art since the early 1980s. After graduating from the University of Innsbruck with a degree in art history, Rasser taught visual education at BG Blumenstraße in Bregenz. With a family to care for, Rasser put his own artistic practice aside for many years. It wasn’t until he came across Bee Shay’s book, Collagen Lab, during a sabbatical in 2014/2015 that he could take up his artistic pursuits again. Since then, he has been actively producing art and collaborating with authors, leading to the release of his art book, “Stille Wege,” in 2020. His work has garnered attention for its unique blend of elements, technical aspects, and emotional impact.

Gerhard Rasser – Top Featured Artist.

“Looking Ahead I” Mixed Media by Gerhard Rasser.

Gerhard Rasser creates unique Mixed Media paintings, combining techniques such as oil, aquarelle, and pastel painting with graphic styles, Chinese ink painting, and calligraphy. He is inspired by topics like melancholy, fugacity, threat, loneliness, hope, and desire.

Rasser’s work is characterized by its intricate details and symbolism that allude to a bigger meaning. For example, his landscapes feature small figures walking to an imaginary destination in abandoned, dreamy landscapes, symbolizing human inferiority during our finite existence. Birds also often appear in his works, representing the freedom humans cannot achieve.

Rasser’s art pieces have an emotional impact, making viewers pause and reflect on life’s fragility and beauty. He often uses subtle color palettes and textures that emphasize the atmosphere of his works. His artworks are made with great attention to detail and inspire viewers to take a closer look into the depths of each piece.

“Watching You” Mixed Media by Gerhard Rasser.

Gerhard Rasser’s mixed media paintings explore the relationship between the finite human existence and the infinity of nature. His works often depict small people walking in a dreamlike landscape, symbolizing their inferiority compared to nature. These figures are often accompanied by birds, which remind us of the natural powers we lack, like flying.

Rasser’s paintings invite viewers to contemplate the human condition and consider the importance of nature in our lives. By juxtaposing his subjects against expansive landscapes, he emphasizes the fragility of humanity and our mortality. This contrast is meant to evoke feelings of nostalgia and awe, as well as an appreciation for the beauty of nature and its power over us.

Rasser’s work also explores themes of existentialism. He encourages viewers to contemplate the meaning of life and how we can make the most of our finite existence. His paintings provide a visual representation of the idea that we are all connected to something greater than ourselves and that our lives should be filled with love, kindness, and understanding.

Technically, Gerhard Rasser is a master of his craft in creating intricate and fascinating Mixed Media paintings. He employs many materials in his work, such as oil paint, acrylics, graphite, and even collage elements. His skillful combination of these materials creates unique works of art that take a life of their own. The variety of techniques he uses helps to emphasize the dreamy atmosphere and enhances the emotional resonance of his paintings.

Rasser’s compositions are highly detailed and carefully constructed. He creates scenes full of movement and life, which adds to the dreamlike quality of his work. His small figures are often shown walking through desolate landscapes, expressing a sense of human insignificance within the vastness of nature. Meanwhile, his birds remind us of what we cannot achieve during our short lifetimes. The technical complexity of Rasser’s work ensures that the viewer will be drawn into the dreamlike world of his paintings.

“Looking Ahead II” Mixed Media by Gerhard Rasser.

The emotional impact of Gerhard Rasser’s work is undeniable. Through his use of subtle details, such as birds or small people walking, he conveys a sense of profound contemplation and longing for something greater. His landscapes’ dreamlike quality further adds to his pieces’ emotions. These works leave the viewer with deep introspection and evoke questions about our place in the world.

The people in his paintings appear small and insignificant compared to the grandeur of the landscape around them. As viewers, we are reminded that our lives are finite and transient. This sense of mortality is at the core of Rasser’s work and gives it a powerful emotional impact.

At the same time, the birds in Rasser’s work offer a glimmer of hope and freedom. They symbolize our potential for transcendence, of leaving behind our material constraints to reach higher spiritual planes. While we may not be able to fly, we can still strive to reach these higher planes and understand our place in the world.

Through his mixed media paintings, Gerhard Rasser has created works that have an incredible emotional impact on viewers. The themes of mortality, longing, and freedom are explored in his landscapes and evoke a deep introspection in those who view his work.

Gerhard Rasser

Viviana Puello

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