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Heinz Marzohl

Heinz Marzohl

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Heinz Marzohl – A Vibrant Expression of Color and Composition

Heinz Marzohl is a renowned artist known for his vibrant and expressive works influenced by  Modernist Primitivism. His paintings feature bold colors, intricate compositions, and captivating scenes that evoke a sense of energy and dynamism. Marzohl’s works are characterized by organic lines and forms that create a unique visual language of depth and mysticism. Whether it’s figurative or abstract painting, Marzohl’s pieces offer a unique and vibrant expression of color and composition.

Heinz Marzohl is an artist and former graphic designer from Switzerland. For 34 years, he had a renowned company in Switzerland for lettering technology, digital printing, and graphic design. After handing over the company to his two daughters in 2007, Marzohl began exploring the world of painting.

Heinz Marzohl – Top Featured Artist.

“Heaven On Earth” by Heinz Marzohl.

His work is characterized by organic lines, forms, and drawings that showcase Naive art drawing concepts that create a unique visual language of depth, energy, dynamism, and mysticism. In addition, his repertoire showcases vibrant, colorful paintings that feature expressive compositions of pictorial scenes.

“The Sad Pirate” by Heinz Marzohl.

Marzohl’s artwork is inspired by the works of Kandinsky, Marc, Jawlenski, Klee, and Macke, as well as the cave paintings of our ancestors. He has an appreciation for the spiritual aspects of art, and instead of photorealistic works, he seeks to create abstract images of lines, shapes, and colors. Since 1996, Marzohl has been creating colorful, inspired paintings that capture memories of unusual places and experiences.

Heinz Marzohl’s artwork is known for its vivid colors, energetic compositions, and abstract depictions of nature and humanity. He often uses bulls, horses, and human figures as motifs in his work. His paintings depict the power of these creatures in various ways, such as the strength of a bull, the agility of a horse, or the emotion of a human figure. The energy and dynamism of these subjects are also seen in his abstract pieces. Marzohl uses his vibrant colors and energetic composition to create a unique visual language conveying depth, emotion, and mysticism.

Heinz Marzohl’s paintings are characterized by a strong visual language communicating his unique style and creativity. His works often have an organic feel, with curved lines, abstract shapes, and vibrant colors. The overall effect of his work creates a sense of dynamism and energy that captures the viewer’s attention. His use of color and composition adds an additional layer of depth and mystery to his art. Through his works, he attempts to express his take on the world and its complexities. By exploring the depths of the human condition and emotions, Marzohl creates something beautiful and captivating that speaks to viewers profoundly and meaningfully.

Heinz Marzohl’s paintings are characterized by vivid and expressive colors. He often uses bright and bold hues to draw attention to some aspects of his work, creating a unique and vibrant image. His color palette helps create a sense of energy, liveliness, and enigma.

“The Bull Of Saintes Maries” by Heinz Marzohl.

Composition is also an integral part of Marzohl’s works, with each piece featuring an intricate arrangement of organic lines and forms. He often combines both geometric and abstract shapes to create compositions that are both dynamic and engaging. His compositions are often full of movement, reflecting the energy and vitality of his subject matter.

Through his use of color and composition, Marzohl creates a distinct visual language that is filled with life and emotion. Combining these two elements helps bring his works to life, creating stunningly captivating artworks that draw viewers in.

Heinz Marzohl

Viviana Puello

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