Howard Harris

Howard Harris

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Howard Harris’ Techspressionism: A Visual Exploration of Perception

Howard Harris is a renowned artist who has created a unique style of art that he calls Techspressionism. This innovative technique involves taking a single, often abstracted image and layering it over itself on transparent acrylic surfaces superimposed on a subtle grid. Howard Harris’ Techspressionism explores perception to recreate the perceptual experience.

Howard Harris combines photographic constructions and abstracted images layered on acrylic surfaces to create a visual representation of the subject. The idea behind Techspressionism is to capture the subject’s essence with no two pieces ever looking quite the same. Through the use of grid-like patterns, subtle color combinations, and other visual elements, Harris’ artwork stands out from the crowd. His work has been featured in numerous galleries worldwide and continues to be celebrated internationally.

“San Juan Mountains” Sublimation on Aluminum by Howard Harris.

From creating illusions of depth to capturing a sense of motion and energy, each piece produced by Harris offers something new for viewers to enjoy. Rather than relying on traditional conventions such as perspective or shading techniques, Harris uses overlapping imagery layers to bring his compositions together. As a result, his works are often more interpretive than representational, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions about what they see.

Harris describes his unique style as an exploration into perception itself. In that regard, his photographs open viewers’ eyes to another level of reality, which often appears more surreal than the one we inhabit daily. By combining traditional photography and contemporary digital imaging elements, Harris has created an entirely new genre that allows him to share his innermost thoughts and visions with others. Yet, despite his popularity, Techspressionism remains true to its original purpose – exploring the power of perception through visually stunning works of art.

“Cheeta” Sublimation on Aluminum by Howard Harris.

Howard Harris’ art explores how technology and the human experience can merge to create a unique optical experience. This process allows him to recreate the perceptual experience by engaging the viewer’s natural eye-brain function called parallax. He also plays with negative and positive spacing to create the illusion of depth. By combining various technologies such as aluminum, acrylic, and the viewer, Harris creates an image unique to each individual, lighting situation, and viewing environment.

Howard Harris’ artwork is heavily focused on the exploration of perception. Harris believes that by combining traditional photography and digital painting with this innovative layering method, he can capture a more realistic depiction of the world around us. By creating a grid of images on top of the picture, he can make an effect that is truer to life than any single photographic or painted image could be. Then, as the viewer examines the work, they can explore a range of visual perspectives, including different color gradients and patterns.

“Dancing” Sublimation on Aluminum by Howard Harris.

The perceptual experience created by Harris’ artwork allows the viewer to contemplate how they interact with their environment and how what we see can be interpreted differently depending on perspective. By understanding how our perception affects our interpretation of the world around us, Harris hopes to promote greater mindfulness and understanding in society.

Harris’ creative process is a fascinating example of how technology and expressionism can combine to create something unique. His works serve as a reminder of how technology can be used to enhance traditional methods of art-making.

“Puffer” Sublimation on Aluminum by Howard Harris.

Howard Harris develops his imagery through a combination of digital photography and technology. He starts by capturing the moment with a digital single-frame camera, internalizing its full dimensionality. He then uses technology to isolate and evaluate the image’s color, line, and form. Finally, by exaggerating or morphing the image into a symphony of color, shapes, and forms, he expresses his sense of time, space, point of view, and emotions.

Howard Harris’ techspressionist technique is an effort to combine the best of both technology and aesthetics. His process creates a visual effect that captures the sense of dimensionality and fluidity. As light interacts with the acrylic surfaces, the result is an ethereal quality that is enhanced by the grid pattern. At the same time, the images are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, utilizing universal principles of design. This marriage of technology and aesthetics leads to a unique experience of photographic art that will captivate viewers.

As one of the most innovative artists in the world, Howard Harris continues to push the boundaries of his art form. He constantly explores and refines his process, striving to capture the human experience better. As he delves deeper into his practice, Harris hopes to continue producing works that will be appreciated for their visual value and resonate with viewers on a deeper emotional level. He has already made a lasting impact in the art world, and there’s no doubt he’ll keep inspiring others for years to come.

Howard Harris

Viviana Puello

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