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Jane Gottlieb

Jane Gottlieb

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Jane Gottlieb: A Journey of Color and Energy

Jane Gottlieb is an extraordinary artist whose captivating works are nothing short of mesmerizing. With her unique style, combining traditional painting with modern technology, Jane creates vibrant, dynamic art that takes the viewer on a fantasy journey. From her thought-provoking compositions to her striking colors, Jane Gottlieb’s artwork is an experience that should not be missed.

Jane Gottlieb is an internationally renowned artist who creates vibrant, dynamic art. Drawing on traditional painting and modern technology, she creates masterful compositions that captivate and mesmerize the viewer. Jane has been creating art her entire life, and her lifelong journey to capture and share the world’s beauty is reflected in her artwork. Her works are inspired by the places she visits and the people she meets. She combines her collection of photographs taken from travels around the world with Photoshop to create her unique, colorful world. With her trademark saturated colors, she invites viewers to join her on a journey of color and energy.

Jane Gottlieb – Top Featured Artist.

Color is essential to her, and she loves to use wide-angle lens images as inspiration. She has always been “outside the lines” in her artistic endeavors, and she finds it incredibly exciting to take a photo from years ago and bring it to life with Photoshop. This process validates her vision and allows her to create something dynamic and new. Jane also loves experimenting with different combinations of colors, textures, and shapes to create something unique. She combines traditional painting methods with contemporary technology to push the boundaries of her art and explore new ways of expressing her creativity.

Starting with one-of-a-kind hand-painted Cibachrome prints, she adds vivid colors and textures to the prints to create unique and uplifting works of art. She then scans her original images and digitally enhances them with Photoshop. Finally, she produces archival prints on aluminum, canvas, and paper. This innovative approach allows her to create powerful compositions that push the boundaries of what is possible in art.

“Deco Delight” Photos by Jane Gottlieb.

Jane Gottlieb’s creativity is fueled by her passion for exploration and her desire to push the boundaries of traditional painting. She is inspired by the beauty in everyday life and the changing world around her. She strives to create meaningful and thought-provoking artwork that captivates viewers with its unique and dynamic compositions.

Gottlieb is a firm believer in embracing technology to aid her artistic process. Combining traditional painting techniques with modern technology helps her to create new and exciting works of art. She uses digital manipulation to enhance her artwork, create bold colors, and reveal details that might not be noticed otherwise.

Gottlieb’s creativity comes from her drive to explore and create something new and beautiful. She has an innate desire to push the boundaries of traditional painting and explore the possibilities of modern technology. Her goal is to create works of art that captivate the viewer and take them on an emotional journey.

“Wonderland” Photo by Jane Gottlieb.

Jane Gottlieb is a masterful colorist. Her vibrant and dynamic colors captivate the viewers and draw them into her journey through her canvas. Her distinct palette creates an enchanting visual experience that is both daring and aesthetically pleasing. Her works are mesmerizing, thought-provoking, and full of life.

Her colors are bold and vibrant; she combines hues, tones, and values to create captivating artwork that often leaves the viewer in awe.

“Wild Night” Photos by Jane Gottlieb.

Gottlieb has a true gift for creating art that expresses emotion and evokes feelings. Through her use of color, she has created a unique style that is visually appealing and emotionally stimulating. Gottlieb’s work stands out in its powerful display of colors and captivating compositions.

Jane Gottlieb is driven by a passion for creating meaningful and vibrant works of art that inspire contemplation. She believes in the power of art to bring people together, connect them to their environment, and challenge them to look at the world differently. Her works bridge the gap between traditional and modern art, pushing boundaries and exploring the use of technology in creating artwork. She strives to create pieces that intrigue viewers and take them on a visual voyage that evokes feeling and connection. Her works are often highly kaleidoscopic, creating a dynamic and layered experience for the viewer. Ultimately, she seeks to create art that speaks to each individual and expresses the unique beauty of life.

Jane Gottlieb

Viviana Puello

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Written by Viviana Puello

Viviana is a Colombo-American Artist, Curator, Writer and Advocate for the arts. Founder of Vivid Arts Network, Create 4 Peace, Artists For A Green Planet, Author of the book “Just Be Inspired,” and an awardwinning director and producer. Viviana Puello founded ArtTour International Magazine in 2011. Since then, she has served as the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and the face for ArtTour International Magazine.
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