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Josée Tellier

Josée Tellier

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Unveiling the Masterpieces of Josée Tellier: 3D Paintings with Stained Glass Inserts

Josée Tellier is an artist who pioneered a unique style of 3D painting, blending low-relief sculpture technique on one side of the canvas and stained glass inserts on the other. Her work features North American architectural heritage with a classical approach but using modern materials, creating colorful imagery of naive tendency. It’s time to unveil the masterpieces of Josée Tellier and explore the captivating world she has created.

Josée Tellier was a professional violinist for several years, and music remains a crucial source of inspiration for her. She’s also always had an eye for architecture and learned the ins and outs of building from her father as a child. Today, her passion for railings, roofs, columns, and wood lace-work has grown even more. Josée creates vibrant mixed-media paintings; her work is beautiful and a tribute to our architecture, which she believes deserves to be preserved and remembered. With her love for beautiful houses and historic districts, it’s no surprise that her artwork captures the intricate details of our most cherished buildings. But it’s not just her subject matter that sets her apart. Her technique blends low-relief sculpture on one side of the canvas with stained glass inserts on the other, creating a truly unique style.

“Curieux Bonhommes” 3D Acrylic + Glass Insert On Wood, 36″x24″ by Josée Tellier

Creating one of Josée Tellier’s 3D paintings is a complex process that involves carving, modeling, and sculpting. Unlike traditional paintings, the artist’s work incorporates low-relief sculpture on one side of the canvas and stained glass inserts on the other.

The artist works with various materials, including wood, to create the sculpted parts of the painting. This process involves shaping and carving the material to bring the image to life. Josée carefully models and sculpts each element of the artwork, adding layers of depth and detail to the painting.

Josée Tellier – Top Featured Artist.

Using bright colors, Josée applies a classic approach to her artwork but rejuvenates it with modern materials and a colorful vision. She incorporates North American architectural heritage into her pieces, giving them a timeless and classical feel. However, she uses a naive approach to the imagery, creating a playful and whimsical vibe.

The stained glass inserts on the other side of the canvas add another dimension to the painting, adding vibrant colors and an ethereal glow. 

The result of Josée Tellier’s 3D paintings is truly breathtaking. The combination of low-relief sculpture on one side and the colorful, intricate stained glass on the other creates a unique and captivating piece of art.

Her work features architectural elements, which results in a blend of old-world charm with a modern twist. Her imagery is colorful and playful, with a naive tendency reminiscent of folk art.

The depth and texture of her paintings create a three-dimensional effect, with each layer carefully crafted to add to the overall composition. In addition, the stained glass inserts are strategically placed to add pops of color and light to the piece.

Each painting is a unique masterpiece showcasing the artist’s exceptional skill and creativity. It is easy to get lost in her work’s intricate details and beauty.

Josée Tellier finds inspiration in the architectural heritage of North America. She has a passion for preserving these buildings through her unique 3D paintings. Her love of nature is also evident in her work, as she often includes bucolic scenes featuring trees, flowers, and other natural elements. When working on her paintings, Josée enjoys listening to classical music from composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms.

“Variations Jaunes La Classique” 3D Acrylic + Glass Insert On Wood, 48×36 in by Josée Tellier.

While sculpting and painting are both crucial steps in creating her 3D paintings, adding color is where Josée’s creativity truly shines. She credits her incredible talent for color mixing to her relationships with fellow painters. In particular, she looks up to artists such as Littorio del Signore, Saint-Gilles, Cristobal, and Vladimir Horik. In addition, she gains new insights and inspiration for her art by visiting galleries and observing their works.

Overall, Josée Tellier’s influences come from various sources, including the built environment, the natural world, and the great painters who have come before her. She weaves these disparate influences into a unique style that has won her many admirers across Canada and beyond.

The low-relief sculpture technique Josée Tellier uses on one side of the canvas adds depth and dimension to her work, while the stained glass inserts on the other create a striking contrast of color and light. This unique blend of techniques creates a mesmerizing effect that draws in the viewer and holds their attention. In addition, the vibrant colors and playful imagery further emphasize her distinct artistic style.

“Dernière Calèche à Québec” 3D Acrylic + Glass Insert On Wood, 40×30 in by Josée Tellier.

Furthermore, her commitment to using contemporary materials, such as glass, allows her to achieve impossible effects with traditional paint alone. The resulting paintings have a tactile quality that begs to be touched and explored.

Josée’s work is a unique and captivating exploration of texture, color, and technique. It’s no wonder her work has gained international recognition and has been exhibited in galleries worldwide. Anyone lucky enough to own one of her paintings can be sure they are purchasing a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be cherished for years.

With her unique style, Josée has managed to capture the attention of art lovers from around the world. Her artwork is a testament to her artistic genius and her ability to create captivating and awe-inspiring masterpieces.

Josée Tellier

Viviana Puello

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