Kadira Jennings

Kadira Jennings

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Kadira Jennings – A Spiritual Exploration of New Zealand

Kadira Jennings is an artist from New Zealand who creates stunning oil paintings that capture her homeland’s beauty and spiritual nature. With her extraordinary drawing skills and use of color, she can create awe-inspiring works that focus on flower scapes and landscapes. Jennings also incorporates Maori symbolism into some pieces, making her art a spiritual exploration of New Zealand’s native culture. Join us in exploring the works of Kadira Jennings, an artist whose paintings will leave you speechless.

“Hidden Cove” Oils On Canvas by Kadira Jennings.

Kadira Jennings is a talented artist making waves in the art world with her extraordinary oil painting skills. Born and raised in New Zealand, Kadira has developed an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the beauty of nature in her work. Her vibrant colors, rich textures, and beautiful landscapes make her paintings captivating. With her incredible attention to detail and use of color, Kadira can create marvelous works that bring her motherland to life. Kadira’s works focus on flower scapes and landscapes, often incorporating Maori symbolism into some of her pieces.

Through her art, Kadira explores her spiritual connection to New Zealand, creating artwork that brings forth joy and wonder. Her unique style has attracted international attention, as she continues to impact the art world with her beautiful paintings.

Kadira Jennings has been greatly inspired by the romantic painters of the 19th century, such as Alma Tadema, and her works often reference their palettes. However, her most significant influence is that of Georgia O’Keeffe. Kadira Jennings admires O’Keeffe for her ability to simplify and cut to the essence of her subject, an aesthetic seen in Kadira Jennings’ own artworks. Kadira Jennings hopes to bring beauty and inspiration to others through her art.

Drawing is integral to Kadira Jennings’ creative process when creating her oil paintings. Drawing is a crucial step for achieving the desired composition, from complicated petalled flowers to simplifying landscapes. After studying the palette of colors and exploring the continuity of the works, she enters a state of meditation, which she calls “BE-ing with the work.” Through this meditation, she hopes to bring joy and beauty into her art. As she is deeply connected with quantum physics, she aims to create the highest vibrational resonance possible in her artwork so that viewers can tap into that energy and receive it back into themselves.

After completing this phase, Kadira Jennings begins an underpainting, laying down the foundation for the work. Next, she journals and uses collages, words, drawings, and mind maps to keep track of her emotional and mental challenges. Drawing is an essential step in Kadira Jennings’ creative process for producing awe-inspiring oil paintings. Through her creative process, Kadira Jennings combines the spiritual with the physical and looks to create artwork that resonates with others and provides joy to all who view it.

Kadira Jennings – Top Featured Artist.

“La Bella” Oils On Canvas by Kadira Jennings.

Kadira Jennings’ oil paintings are incredibly vibrant and full of energy and life. She skillfully uses color to evoke emotion and bring her works to life. Her palette is inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand – its lush forests, vibrant wildflowers, and majestic mountains. Each of her paintings is a unique exploration of color and light, blending subtle hues that allow the imagery to come alive.

Jennings utilizes bright, bold colors to draw the viewer’s eye to some aspects of the painting. She often uses warm yellows, oranges, and reds to represent the sun-drenched landscapes of New Zealand, while cooler blues and greens help to add depth and contrast. Her use of color also helps to capture the feelings and emotions she wishes to express in her work. 

Maori symbolism plays an important role in Kadira Jennings’ oil paintings. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand and have been living there for thousands of years. Jennings has found a way to incorporate traditional Maori beliefs and symbols into some of her art, making it unique and powerful.

 When creating her paintings, Jennings includes traditional Maori symbols deeply rooted in her motherland’s spiritual and cultural heritage. The symbols she uses reflect the stories and values of the Maori people and their ancient connection to the land. Jennings also uses symbols to represent different aspects of nature, such as the sun, moon, and stars.

“Kuaotunu Bay” Oils On Canvas by Kadira Jennings.

In addition, Jennings includes traditional Maori concepts in her work, such as mana (power or energy), tapu (sacredness), and whakapapa (genealogy). These concepts provide a deeper meaning to her art, evident in her beautiful use of color and composition.

Through her works, she is able to pay homage to the culture and history of New Zealand while bringing attention to its beauty and importance.

Using her art as a medium, Kadira Jennings has created a meaningful way to reflect on her culture and share it with the world.

Kadira Jennings

Viviana Puello

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