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katrin alvarez
Katrin Alvarez

What do you think of when you hear the words environmental conservation? For many, those words conjure up images of deforestation, animal extinction, and global warming. What about the increased incidence of child abuse and aggressive violence? Or the societal impact of technology dependence? The magnitude of how humanity is being changed by each negative consequence our planet suffers is still being explored. How much suffering will we allow to be created and exploited through dependence on technology and social media influence?

Katrin Alvarez

“Digital Human” 2019, Oil on Canvas Objects, 34cm x 44cm x 6.5cm0″x40″

If you review temperature histories across the country, you see a consistent rise and lengthening in duration. With the surge in heat comes the increased prevalence of domestic abuse. Each of us has had days where the summer weather has created short tempers, extreme fatigue, and even angry outbursts. Combine unchecked aggression with families already struggling with socioeconomic factors and you have a recipe for increased violence. Unfortunately, children bear the brunt of those incidences. Add in the growing epidemic of technological exploitation of children, and we can see these compounded tragedies aimed at society’s most vulnerable.   

Master Artist, expressionist, and surrealist, Katrin Alvarez has been an advocate for bringing awareness to child abuse since her first stroke of the brush on canvas. Her art brings a non-apologetic look into the emotions and experiences of child abuse. As her passion for speaking truth into societal problems has expanded, she’s brought fresh insight into the detrimental effects of technology on the human condition. Love it or hate it, no viewer can deny the strong reactions evoked by her work. She understands these issues simply can no longer be ignored.

Katrin Alvarez

“Cada Cabeza Es Un Mundo!”, 2019, Oil on Canvas Objects, 126cm x 146cm x 9cm

Not only does Alvarez’s work focus on child abuse, but her more recent creations shed light on the digital crisis we all face. “The consequences of refusing to believe in the global dilemma of climate change have proven ignorance creates more problems.” Says Alvarez. These obstacles are not only detrimental to our children. The ripples travel through every person we touch, generationally, whether we admit it, or not.

As we are continuously inundated by information, unconsciously our thoughts and opinions are being affected and even controlled by the outside world. A striking art piece Alvarez created to draw recognition to this fact is, Digital Human. 


Alvarez combines oil painting with real computer artifacts, building a stark image of how technology has taken over our senses and clouded our decisions. Wires running from eyes, ears, and minds, we are invited to acknowledge the implications each of these imposes on our senses.

Through her 3 dimensional depiction, in Cada cabeza es un mundo!, she connects how technology is actively altering of our minds. While in Family Tree, Alvarez wakes us up to the fallout technology will have on our families. Regardless of “like or dislike”, her work brings clarity while demanding a reaction. We all have a responsibility to ensure all children are protected. We must stand up and act against the consequences facing the neglect of our planet and our children. There is no better time than now.

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