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Ketil Eriksen

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Ketil Eriksen

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Ketil Eriksen – A Self-Taught Artist Creating Dynamic Abstract Works

Ketil Eriksen is a self-taught artist who creates dynamic abstract works full of movement and energy. Using mixed media, oil, acrylic, and coal, Ketil Eriksen layers his paintings with vibrant colors, shapes, and patterns inspired by nature. His passion for self-expression and creativity has allowed him to develop an impressive portfolio of artwork. Through this blog post, we will explore the works of Ketil Eriksen and discover what makes him a unique artist.

Ketil Eriksen – Top Featured Artist.

“COMPOSITION” Acrylic Paint On Canvas by Ketil Eriksen.

Ketil Eriksen is a self-taught artist whose works often feature dynamic abstract designs. His driving force is to express himself creatively, finding inspiration in colors, shapes, patterns, and nature. His art is spontaneous and expressive, making his pieces truly unique. He develops his works on several layers of paint that create beautiful textures and movement within the piece. He works with mixed media, allowing him to add further depth to his artwork. Every artwork he creates is an exploration of himself – allowing him to connect with his inner thoughts and emotions. This makes his art highly personal yet open for interpretation by each viewer. Each of his creations enables viewers to explore their emotional landscape as they engage with it. With every painting, Ketil Eriksen invites us into an experience of discovery through color, texture, and emotion.

“COMPOSITION” Acrylic Paint On Canvas by Ketil Eriksen.

Eriksen has a unique approach to his paintings. He likes to build up the painting in stages, starting with a base layer of paint and adding more complex layers of color, texture, and form as the painting develops. His compositions often feature juxtaposing light and dark tones. He enjoys experimenting with different combinations of texture and color, creating intricate patterns and lines to draw the viewer’s eye.

Eriksen’s works explore new methods of expression. He creates thick, textured compositions with strong, saturated hues and intense forms. He can create vibrant and dynamic artwork by working with multiple layers of paint. Each piece explores new possibilities, allowing him to continue pushing boundaries in his creative process.

Ketil Eriksen’s creative process involves working on several paint and mixed media layers. He starts by allowing himself to explore and express himself freely, letting the painting take him on its journey. Next, he uses color, shapes, patterns, and nature to inspire his abstract works.

Although he may experience periods of flow when creating, he acknowledges that the creative process can sometimes become challenging. In these moments, Eriksen allows himself to step away from work, allowing himself time to regroup and reset before returning to the painting.

Eriksen emphasizes that it is essential to stay open and allow yourself to take risks in the creative process. This attitude helps him remain in a state of exploration and progress in his work.

Ketil Eriksen’s artwork is a reflection of his inner universe and emotions. According to the artist, his paintings come from within like a kind of eruption, guided by his emotional moods, thoughts, and impressions.

Eriksen is self-taught and works mainly from inspiration from colors, shapes, patterns, and nature. He aims to create a painting that conveys something unique and personal. “It’s about finding something new in the painting and creating something special,” he says. Ultimately, he hopes to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, to convey something more than just a physical depiction of the world around us.

“COMPOSITION” Acrylic Paint On Canvas by Ketil Eriksen.

Ketil Eriksen

Viviana Puello

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