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Linzi Lynn

Linzi Lynn

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Linzi Lynn’s Expressionist Paintings Featured Vibrant Animals and Captivating Figures

Linzi Lynn is an expressionist painter renowned for her captivating works featuring bold brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and movement. Her paintings feature a wide variety of colorful animals and stunning figures. Using the impasto technique, she applies thick strokes of acrylic paint to create vivid, expressionistic images that capture the eye and imagination. With her skill and creativity, Linzi Lynn has created a unique and mesmerizing portfolio of work.

Linzi Lynn – Top Featured Artist.

Linzi Lynn is an award-winning artist whose art has sold worldwide. From her beginnings as a successful singer and dancer in London, she has traveled to the United States, France, and India before settling in Indian Wells, California. Her artwork has been featured in publications, on magazine covers, and in galleries and art festivals throughout the US.

Lynn’s passion for creating art has been evident for many years and is reflected in her diverse portfolio. She is known for her original paintings, which often feature glowing colors and bold brushstrokes. In addition, she has received numerous commissions and licensed her images to private individuals and businesses. 

Through her innovative techniques and use of radiant colors, Lynn can bring a unique perspective to modern art.

Linzi Lynn’s inspiration comes from the moments in the lives of people and animals. Through her brush strokes, Lynn captures their expressions that are always in motion, creating a sense of excitement and drama. Lynn experiments with various forms of expression in her art, which she says pushes her forward and inspires her. She looks to her dreams for vibrant colors and contrasts to dazzle the eye and lift the soul.

Linzi Lynn’s technique is unique and enchanting. She works with heavy acrylic paint, applying thick strokes of paint with a knife to create an impasto texture. Her bold brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and movement bring her subjects to life in an expressionistic way. Lynn’s inspiration comes from daydreaming; her paintings feature colorful animals and captivating figures. With the impasto technique, she can express her imagination in a compelling way.

Linzi Lynn’s artwork features expressionistic depictions of animals, figures, and emotions. Her rich colors, forceful brushstrokes, and textures create compelling works that draw viewers in. Her inspiration is often derived from a combination of daydreams and photos she has gathered as reference material.

“Windswept” Acrylic On Canvas by Linzi Lynn.

“The Ride” Acrylic On Canvas by Linzi Lynn.

Animals are a recurrent motif in her work. Cats, horses, birds, and other creatures are given an animated quality through her use of saturated colors and exaggerated proportions. In addition, Lynn often uses animals as metaphors for deeper emotions and messages, creating an emotional depth to her artwork that helps evoke a connection with the viewer.

Figures play an essential role in many of Lynn’s paintings. The subjects are depicted with dreamlike characteristics, usually softened features or blurred facial expressions. Through her use of thick paint and dark strokes, these figures become shrouded in mystery and appear to be on the brink of movement.

Lynn’s work provides viewers with a whimsical escape into her imaginative world. Each piece offers a unique story to be explored and enjoyed. Whether it’s one of her detailed animal portraits, colorful abstract landscapes, or mysterious figure studies, Lynn’s works invite you to look closely and discover the hidden depths within them. Yet, beyond their beautiful aesthetic, something more—something intangible—resonates with the observer long after they leave her gallery walls.

Creativity runs deep within Linzi Lynn. Each medium gives us a glimpse into a unique vision full of emotion and energy that will continue to inspire us for years.

“Christina’s Dream” Acrylic On Canvas by Linzi Lynn.

Linzi Lynn

Viviana Puello

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