L’passo Benjamin

L’passo Benjamin

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Discovering the Beauty of Non-Representational Art with L’passo Benjamin

L’Passo Benjamin’s work is an excellent exploration of the qualities of abstract art. Rather than pictures of people or places, the work captures the transcendent power of color, light, and texture. Combining geometric shapes, abstract forms, and bold colors, L’passo Benjamin produces mesmerizing pieces with complicated patterns and masterful composition.

L’passo Benjamin is a talented artist who produces vivid non-representational paintings. His art captures his reflections of the world and processes them through the lens of abstraction and geometry. In his pieces, he experimented with and played with various forms and colors in an attempt to come up with an innovative, distinct style of artwork.

L’passo Benjamin – Top Featured Artist. 

“Indignant Truth lll” by L’passo Benjamin.

Overall, L’passo Benjamin’s art is a testament to the power of abstraction. By focusing on the inherent qualities of color and texture, he can create visually stunning works that capture the essence of the world around us in a unique and captivating way.

L’passo Benjamin’s colorful and textured compositions invite viewers to explore art in a liberating and empowering way, as it encourages them to explore art in a new way, devoid of the usual demands of representation.

“I’m The Way Of Life” by L’passo Benjamin.

Another key aspect of his art is his use of color. L’passo Benjamin uses a vibrant and varied palette to create striking visual contrasts. He conveys different moods and emotions through his work by experimenting with varying combinations of color and textures.

His paintings celebrate the use of color and how it affects our deepest emotions. By utilizing various vibrant colors in his compositions, he instills strong feelings in the viewer.

L’passo Benjamin often pairs contrasting colors like red and green to create a dynamic and visually striking composition. Contrasting shades create tension and energy, grabbing the viewer’s attention.

His works are often highly textured, with layers upon layers of paint that create a rich, tactile surface. The texture adds depth and complexity to the color, allowing it to be experienced in a more tactile and tangible way.

Aside from their versatility with color, Benjamin’s paintings reveal a variety of moods and atmospheres through the use of hues and tones. He explores color’s many possibilities in each work, from bold and vibrant to subdued and contemplative.

Through his non-representational paintings, L’passo Benjamin invites us to examine and appreciate color’s ability to evoke emotions and its ability to stimulate thought.

L’passo Benjamin’s art, though devoid of recognizable subjects, opens limitless possibilities of creativity by transcending any interpretation to literal concepts.

For the viewer, L’passo Benjamin’s work promotes a deeper emotional connection with the artwork, as it speaks directly to their emotional and individual experiences, as opposed to using common cultural knowledge about the subject matter. Every viewer is encouraged to take away different thoughts and emotions and tell the artwork’s story in their own words, as it becomes a profoundly personal experience and narrative. Using color and form, his art can help release powerful emotions and stress, often providing a cathartic experience.

“Deprived Elation” by L’passo Benjamin.

When considering the nature of his work, we are presented with an opportunity to indulge in and better comprehend the significance of color, shape, and texture in the natural world. L’Passo’s artistic prowess provides the tools necessary for these explorations.

L'passo Benjamin

Viviana Puello

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Written by Viviana Puello

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