Mary Morgan

Mary Morgan

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Mary Morgan’s Innovative Paintings are Playful and Inventive

Mary Morgan is an award-winning artist who has a unique approach to painting. Her work is playful and visionary, and her use of abstract forms adds to the beauty of her pieces. She often uses watercolor, acrylic, and oil on canvas, paper, or wood, as well as collage, gold leaf, and photo transfers. Mary Morgan’s marvelous paintings are sure to bring joy to any viewer.

“Sunset Beach 1” Mixed Media On Canvas by Mary Morgan.

Mary Morgan creates stunning and unique artwork with a distinctive abstract form. Each piece is a unique work of art, shaped in an innovative design and featuring beautiful rich colors. She draws the viewer in, creating mesmerizing and memorable compositions.

With her eye for beauty and mastery of abstract shapes and color, she shapes her canvas to an abstract form. Then she creates masterful compositions full of energy and movement, developing her technique within the abstract expressionist style.

Life’s journey heavily inspires the artwork of Mary Morgan. She takes elements from her own experiences and translates them into the abstract forms and colors that come alive in her paintings. 

Through her work, she seeks to express the joy of creating art and how it can be used to capture the essence of life. Her bright and vibrant pieces capture the highs and lows of life while also expressing the beauty of our shared journey. Using various mediums, she can create unique pieces that reflect her journey. Shaping the canvas on different forms allows Mary to combine multiple colors, textures, and layers to create dynamic compositions. By playing with shapes and colors, Mary gives each painting a sense of energy and life. Each piece is unique in its own right and offers a glimpse into the artist’s life and her creative process.

Mary Morgan’s creative process begins with an idea of what she wants to express. To do this, she carefully selects colors that capture the emotions associated with the concept. As a colorist, she often plays with colors to create atmospheric moods, light, and energy. She also pays special attention to hues and values to capture the nuance of her idea. Her art is a lively, playful, imaginative exploration of form and color. Mary creates inspiring, mesmerizing, and thought-provoking paintings using light reflections and vivid colors.

Mary also incorporates collages, gold leaf, and photo transfers to add texture and dimension to her pieces. Combining these elements results in beautiful abstract compositions inviting viewers to explore the mysteries within.

“Green River” Mixed Media On Canvas by Mary Morgan.

“Sunset Beach 2” Mixed Media On Canvas by Mary Morgan.

In her own words, Mary says, “I’d rather be painting because it keeps me alive and vibrant. I want to give the viewer something new to discover with each look.” Mary hopes her art inspires and uplifts people, reminding them of the joy of creation. Her works strive to evoke the same kind of awe and emotion she experiences when creating.

Mary Morgan has a visionary approach to her artwork, often utilizing collages, gold leaf, or photo transfers in her paintings. She incorporates the materials into her work to create a unique and visually remarkable piece of art. This method adds texture, visual interest, and unique design elements to the painting.

Gold leaf is another element that Mary uses in her art. This metal can be used as a decorative surface to add a touch of elegance and luxury to the painting.

Finally, Mary also incorporates photo transfers into her artwork. These techniques help Mary bring her vibrant compositions to life and add a unique element of creativity to each piece.

Mary Morgan’s techniques and tools help her achieve a truly abstract effect by mixing shapes, lines, and colors to create something new. The result is a piece that is visually arresting and emotionally stimulating, inspiring viewers to look deeper at their own lives and experiences.

Mary Morgan’s approach to her art showcases her skill and creativity in combining traditional and modern techniques to produce truly unique pieces. Her art is a testament to her commitment to making the world a more beautiful place through her artwork.

Mary Morgan

Viviana Puello

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