2012 Winter Issue

Written by Viviana Puello

Viviana is a Colombo-American Artist, Curator, Writer and Advocate for the arts. Founder of Vivid Arts Network, Create 4 Peace, Artists For A Green Planet, Author of the book “Just Be Inspired,” and an awardwinning director and producer. Viviana Puello founded ArtTour International Magazine in 2011. Since then, she has served as the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and the face for ArtTour International Magazine.

January 1, 2012

2012 Winter Issue

We at ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL Magazine want to wish you a very happy and successful 2012. We have an exciting year ahead of us with lots of great news and articles for you and we invite you to join us each time while we take you on a voyage through the wonderful world of art.

On this edition we’re glad to announce the winners of our Love Cover Contest. We want to thank each of these great creative professionals as well as everyone who submitted an entry. The response was very positive, you exceeded our expectations sending us some amazing artworks. We have chosen two top winners and four finalist images, we bring them all to you on this issue.

There’s also good news for all you travelers out there. Our article “Georgia, Crossroads of the World”, will take you for a tour to this enchanting country through vivid photographs of art, land and wine!.

And if you are the romantic type, we have great news for you as well. Our column “When Love becomes the Masterpiece” will be bringing you the love stories behind famous masterpieces that have inspired us through history. On this issue: The Phantom of the Opera

Our magazine is full of art news, featured artists, wonderful images of artworks and updates bringing you the latest events.

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Please let us know if you have ideas, suggestions or criticisms of this magazine. Like everything we do, it is steeped in tradition, but a work in progress.

We’re very excited to share this issue with you and think you will enjoy both our print and our online magazine. We’re working hard to bring you a site you will love and look forward to your feedback.

While we continue to put the final touches to the new site, we’d love to know what you think about it. You can tell us by visiting www.arttourinternational.com

2012 Winter Issue

Viviana Puello

Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine


Front Cover Art: Masquerade in Gods Garden by Agita Keiri

Back Cover Art: Ode to Joy by DELLORCO

2012 Winter Issue


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

Edition: 2012

Published: January 1, 2012

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2012 Winter Issue



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