2013 Spring Issue

2013 Spring Issue

My name is Cody La Vada and I am a resident writer, as well as the Managing Editor for this esteemed and inspirational magazine, ArtTour International.

My involvement with this magazine first began in the winter of 2011 where, after a series of online discussions and interviews, I was asked by Viviana Puello, the Art Director, to write an article for the very first edition. Having always wanted to have my work published, I jumped at the offer and wrote an article about one of the most influential pieces of art in my life, the Andrew Lloyd Webber production of “The Phantom of the Opera.” While Viviana was full of praise for my writing abilities, I knew that the magazine was merely in its infancy, and did not expect my career with the magazine to extend far beyond that initial publication; I fully expected someone more talented and sought-after to come along and replace me – after all, I knew that the magazine had immense potential and would surely be attracting some big names. What a surprise it was when I was asked to lend my skills and be involved again!

I have since been involved in every publication by writing an article or two on various art-related topics, and helping to edit the articles written by others. This has opened me up to numerous avenues of artistic collaboration and has brought me close to several artists that I greatly admire and am inspired by. That is what is most incredible to me about this magazine: the myriad of artists who have gotten involved in a single year is staggering, not the mention the dedication and loyalty of the vast creative team!

The summer of 2012 truly was a defining moment for me, both in terms of my career as well as my own personal life, because I was asked to accompany ATIM to Toronto, Canada to help with the “Art 2 Heart” interviews at the “Limitless Expressions” exhibition within the charming Studio Vogue Gallery. This was a spell-binding few days that stands out vividly in my memory; I met a slew of talented artists, managed to network within them, and had a wonderful time just enjoying a few days with fellow artists whose main goals are to create and inspire. It brings a tear to my eye, remembering the wonder that those few days provided me with – not to mention the sense of fulfillment, since a cut of the proceeds were donated to assist the earthquake victims in Ferrara, Italy. That is another reward of this job: the sense of not only inspiring through art, but also through good deeds, since ATIM and Vivid Arts Network are dedicated to helping out when it comes to social issues – a cause that I myself am very fond of, and proud to be involved with.

As the magazine nears the entrance into its second year, I am both awed at how far it has come, and curious to see how much farther it will continue to go. We are launching a revamped website shortly, along with private video channels – we are at 2.1 million+ readers online alone, and the numbers only continue to grow! It is an incredible feeling, to be at the forefront of such an amazing journey, surrounded by talented individuals who care for the realm of art as deeply as I do. I am so honored to be involved, and I count it as a blessing on a daily basis.

Here is to another mind-blowing year of success, and to my fellow creative team members, whose diligent work and genius makes all of this possible! Thank you!

Cody La Vada
 – Resident Writer/Managing Editor

Art on our cover by CHRIS DELLORCO: Nocturne, Oil on Canvas.​

2013 Spring Issue


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

Edition: 2013

Published: April 1, 2013

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