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2018 Winter Issue

2018 Winter Issue

Welcome to Winter 2018 “Fashion & Arts” Anniversary Issue, a brand new issue celebrating the diversity of artistic expression and human creativity in a visually compelling package.

2018 Winter Issue

The year 2017 marks the 7th anniversary of ArtTour International Magazine. The first issue in 2011 was (not surprisingly) much smaller than the Winter Issue will be this year and went out to only 1,500 readers. Seven years later, we are happy to share our publication with over 2.1 million readers in 205 countries around the globe.

Despite being younger than other magazines in the industry, ArtTour International has for many years been widely seen as the premier international art publication. ArtTour International Publications, Inc. continues to be an artist-led organization, with all its publications and projects, including ArtTour International Magazine, created, designed, and developed by artists.

During these seven years, we have published the work of over two thousand artists in 31 issues and articles on our international online platform “Artist Spotlight,” of the ArtTour International website.

We have traveled to over 35 cities in 12 countries visiting and supporting international art events.

We have presented over 300 video interviews on our “ART 2 HEART” Youtube channel.

We have brought our magazine to the small screen with our weekly series “THE ARTTOUR INTER-NATIONAL T.V. SHOW,” which airs every Thursday at 5:30 pm on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Spectrum 1993 in New York, and worldwide via live stream.

We have developed one of the most recognized award programs in the industry, the “ATIM TOP 60 MASTERS,” each year selecting sixty artists to be honored during the annual “ATIM MASTERS AWARDS CEREMONY,” which is celebrated in a different city each year.

To further our aim of publishing natural and architectural wonders, we have traveled to and showcased over 300 sites around the world including: the Sahara Desert, Damanhur and The Temples Of Humankind, Antartica, Caño Cristales, Yellowstone National Park, Yaddo, Casa Gaudi and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Casa Museo Salvador Dali in Cadaques, Casa Museu Texeira Lopes in Portugal, Our Lady of Santa Maria of Palma in Palma de Mallorca, Notre Dame della Garde in Marseille, the city of Byblos in Lebanon, and the Arabian Desert, among many others.

A 7th anniversary is a marvelous event to celebrate and we will mark the occasion the way we know best, with the launch of a new, exciting project – the premiere of our first project as filmmakers and producers, “Kintsugi, The Line Of Destiny,” a stunning 30-minute documentary that takes viewers to the most remarkable places on Earth. With incredible views of the Sahara Desert, mountains, rivers, and breathtaking landscapes, the viewer will be blown away by the beautiful scenery and pictures of vivid works of art that have been incorporated into the film using amazing special effects. This production has been done in collaboration with our partner charitable organizations, and Artists For A Green Planet.

The ArtTour International brand has expanded to include the ATIM Top 60 Masters, the Vivid Arts Network, the ATIM Masters Awards, ArtTour International Television, our two charitable organizations Artists For A Green Planet,, and our production company ArtTour International Films.

We thank you for your immense support and hope you enjoy this anniversary issue dedicated to Fashion and Art with our guest star Irma Martines, celebrity stylist, and featuring Argentinian master artist Fabian Perez in our cover story, together with articles about many other renowned artists who share with us their amazing works of art.

Here’s to seven years of a journey together. Let’s keep walking along this path of inspiration!

Thanks for your support,

available on iTunes, Kindle, and Magzter, we go beyond the canvas and share with you the place where inspiration is born. Join us each time as we take you on a voyage through the beautiful world of art.

Thanks for your support,

2018 Winter Issue

Viviana Puello

Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine

2018 Winter Issue


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

Edition: 2018

Published: December 3, 2017

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Celebrating Excellence in the Art World: Top 60 Masters Awards Returned for its 11th Year
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