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2020 Summer Issue

2020 Summer Issue

Special issue: “Art as a Healing Force”

This special issue of ArtTour International is dedicated to the healing power of art. Enjoy a vibrant and engaging issue, sharing works from artists worldwide with a message of healing, social justice, and peace. We hope that when you read the pages of “Art as a Healing Force,” you’re inspired and receive our message because YOU are valuable, relevant, and your opinion matters.

2020 summer issue, art as a healing force


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

2020 Summer ISSUE

A Message from our Editor-in-Chief

Dear readers,
This issue has been the most beautiful, fulfilling, and exciting challenge of the year!

Creating a publication that reaches over two million readers in two hundred and five countries usually comes with its own set of challenges.

Creating international content. Making sure no content is offensive to any culture (worldwide) so that our artist’s message gets through. Ensuring that the language is universal enough that everyone can understand—remaining aware of inclusion to get as many countries represented as possible—orchestrating over fifty creative minds involved in the creation of each issue to meet deadlines. And, above all, choosing and inviting top artists to feature.

This issue, though, came with added challenges. Sharing a message of healing, standing for social justice and human rights, and doing it in a way that would not exclude anyone. When you read the pages of “Art as a Healing Force,” I hope that you’re able to recognize that message because YOU are valuable and relevant, and your opinion matters.

My dream and vision are of one world where we all love and respect one another. I see it as a reality that can happen and not as some faraway, unreachable dream. Whether it happens in my lifetime or my granddaughter’s lifetime makes no difference, as long as it happens. But we must work towards it.

At this moment in history, I feel the strong need to be on the right side of justice. I cannot promote healing and stay silent about injustice. This goes beyond boundaries and serves as a universal message that needs to be shared and lived as one heart. This is the moment of oneness for which we have been waiting for, which can start a ripple healing effect.

Healing our world starts within each one of us. There must be justice and compassion, beyond any political preference, or side of the aisle you’re sitting. There must be love for one another, beyond religious beliefs. This is the moment to restore our principles, the core values of our society, who we are as individuals, who we are as entities, and what we are willing to live or die for.

I follow the voice within my heart that wants to denounce injustice and discrimination because my ancestors’ voices tell me to take a stand—for them, for us, for our children, and the future of humanity.

Join us to promote peace, awareness, justice, equality, inclusion, love, and the power of healing arts.

2020 Summer Issue

Viviana Puello

Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine

art as a healing force
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