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2021 Winter Issue

10 Year Anniversary Issue

Enjoy an exciting new format of ArtTour International Magazine. On this issue, you will find QR codes on selected articles. Scan the code and enjoy articles, videos, and music that will for sure fill your heart with joy.

2021 Winter Issue


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

2021 Winter Issue

A Message from our Editor-in-Chief

The fact that I have the privilege to write this editor’s letter fills me with immense joy—not least because it contains a bit of my own love story! Because ArtTour International’s story is inevitably linked to my very own. But please do read till the end, as there’s more than just one love story to be discovered 🙂

Ten years ago, on a plane from Bologna to New York City, I was inspired by the idea of creating an art magazine. And here is how the story begins.

In 2011, I was on my way to Vegas to marry the love of my life, Alan Grimandi, whom I had met two years earlier on a trip to curate an exhibit in Italy. During that time, Alan and I worked together at Vivid Arts Network, my first art organization, and we were continuously brainstorming effective ways to promote its artists. So, when the idea for ArtTour International manifested, we knew we wanted to bring it to life. After enjoying a three-week honeymoon, we returned home and got to work right away. In November 2011, only a few months after our wedding, we launched this magazine’s first issue.

The first ArtTour International Magazine went out to 1,500 readers, Vivid Arts Network artists, our friends, and our family members. In this issue, you will rediscover some of the artists published in that first issue, a testimony of the loyalty and commitment of the ArtTour International family.

Ten years later, we have now published 52 issues, and ArtTour International is an industry leader with over two million readers in more than 198 countries. 

In addition, ArtTour International has evolved into a revolutionary multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide, encompassing print and digital publications, an award-winning TV show, the “Winner’s Journey” Podcast, The ATIM Masters Award Ceremony, The Artivist of the Year Awards, other international exhibitions and events, and so much more! It now serves talented people from more than 205 countries.

We remain committed to be the voice for artists worldwide and to provide a platform for them to share their message and raise awareness about social and environmental issues.

My proudest achievement is the community that we’ve built—a family of artists, writers, and editors from all corners of the globe. We have organized a host of events, exhibits, and award ceremonies, during which we’ve gotten to personally meet and provide a space for intercultural exchange, networking, growth, and expansion.

With the cameras of the ArtTour International TV Show, we have traveled to fifty-three cities. When the pandemic prevented us from traveling, we turned to online platforms to extend our digital footprint.

Thanks to an excellent partnership, in 2020, we created to offer artists and creative entrepreneurs opportunities to be prominently featured, not only on our platforms but also in leading media outlets. 

Last month, we launched the new podcast “The Winner’s Journey,” where I interview top leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and award-winning professionals who share their inspiring journeys.

As we look ahead to ArtTour International’s future, we steadfastly continue with the same sharp vision and commitment to serving the art community. 

Ten years ago, we started with a dream, and, through this journey, we have discovered an ever-inspiring purpose.

My reason for promoting artists?

At twelve-years-old, I discovered art after a difficult childhood, during which I suffered abandonment by my parents. That shy, insecure, and sad little girl became an unstoppable and happy woman who lives for a purpose—thanks to my passion for the arts. And that’s my biggest love story. Indeed, following my passion gave me a worthy cause and transformed my life. Heck, I even found love thanks to my dear artists!

I believe in art as a powerful tool to inspire positive transformation and elevate global consciousness, and I want to thank you all for helping us promote the arts.

2021 Winter Issue

Viviana Puello

Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine

art as a healing force

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Celebrating Excellence in the Art World: Top 60 Masters Awards Returned for its 11th Year
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Attention all artists! We have some exciting news to share with you. ArtTour International is inviting artists worldwide to submit their work for the prestigious ATIM's Top 60 Masters Awards. This is your chance to showcase your skills and be recognized globally! The event is on June 22nd, 2024, so don't wait any longer. Whether you're an emerging artist or an established master, we want to celebrate your creativity and help you gain the international exposure you deserve. Join a community of exceptional artists making a difference in the world. Submit your work now and take the first step towards global recognition.

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