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2022 Fall Issue


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

A Message from our Editor-in-Chief

Every year, we dedicate our Fall issue to ARTivism and the power of sharing our message with art. This year, we want to focus on climate change as the most critical threat to our planet.

From the Arctic to Africa, the Earth is feeling the effects of climate change. The environment is deteriorating. The ocean, the land, and the air are suffering a process of degradation – with unpredictable consequences. We must take a stand to steer humanity away from irreparable harm. Our action is not optional — it’s essential.

We need to honor our commitments to global climate action. We cannot be silent, for this is the defining moment we need to call on U.S. and foreign leaders to stand firm on climate change. We are in the midst of a planetary emergency. The exploitation of natural resources for economic growth has resulted in environmental degradation. Oil and gas exploration, road construction, and mining deface and destroy many aspects of the natural environment.

A community of artists is rising to create social awareness and educate the public. We stand by them and call on the international community to support them. We must promote a peaceful energy revolution to encourage sustainable, climate-safe energy for all.

ArtTour International and our network of artists in over two hundred and five countries take a stand and join the green cultural revolution. On November 11th, artists participating in this issue unite via virtual studio for the ARTYA AWARDS (ARTivists of the Year Awards). We will record a special episode to share with you. So, stay tuned.

I hope this issue inspires you to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle with a high degree of ecological integrity. Join us today in our work for an environmentally, economically, and culturally restored planet.

2022 Fall Issue

Viviana Puello

Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine

Viviana Puello
Viviana Puello


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