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2020 Winter Issue

“Artists of the Decade” 2020 Winter – Anniversary Issue

Enjoy this exciting Anniversary Issue “Artists of the Decade”.

Dear readers,

Firstly, I wish to thank you for your immense support during these nine years of ArtTour International Magazine; this publication is possible thanks to your loyal contributions. I also thank our incredible team of inspiring co-creators who issue after issue has poured their gifts, dedication, and commitment for the fulfillment of our vision.

This was quite a fantastic decade; ArtTour International is stronger than ever and growing steadfastly. Our dreams have evolved and grown, and our vision is now more evident than ever before. We want to voice the messages of artists that work to make this world a better place. Human rights and environmental issues have now taken the lead of our publication.

Moving forward, as Editor-in-Chief, I start the new decade with a transformative vision for ArtTour International Magazine. These changes are part of my ambition to make ArtTour International Magazine an award-winning publication that creates an impact in the world we live in.
You will see our magazines focused on opening a dialog about environmental conservation and humanitarian themes. Our mission is to make sure we spread the message of artists who are writing history and bringing awareness to shape humanity.

The dreamers, the provokers, the inspirators, the ones portraying beauty, those depicting realities, all are welcome to ArtTour International. They are the force behind this publication, and we will continue to support their causes and missions.

ArtTour International will remain an artist-run publication. The magazine will remain in its original multi-media format, printed, online, and also including the now popular video productions and the ArtTour International weekly show, offering artists and art organizations the opportunity to showcase their works and events.

What’s new?
Our Social Media Management department has officially opened the doors, and now art organizations and artists can take advantage of our expertise in Social Media to help manage their artists and galleries’ pages. With very affordable rates, our Social Media Management Services will help creative entrepreneurs spend more time growing their business, selling art, networking.

We are also opening the doors to corporate advertising. This will happen with organizations whose mission aligns with that of ArtTour International Magazine and the artists we publish.

The long-awaited Podcast will roll out the second semester of this year, featuring the artists in the magazine, our Podcast will be a source of inspiration that you will enjoy.

We are also looking to engage with you, as our readership, through an email subscription service and productive discussions to hear your opinions.

Wishing you all my very best for the New Decade; let’s write history! Let’s make this world a better place, love mother earth, aim for peace, and create a beautiful future for generations to come.

Stay inspired!

2020 Winter Issue

Viviana Puello

Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine

2020 Winter Issue


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

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