2019 Fall Issue

Fall 2019 Issue

Fall 2019 – Available in Print & Digital Format

Dear reader,

Scientific research demonstrates that climate change is the most critical threat to our planet in current times and that we must act now to avoid further damage. From the Arctic to Africa, the Earth is feeling the effects of climate change. The environment is deteriorating. The ocean, the land, and the air are suffering a process of degradation with unpredictable consequences. The exploitation of natural resources has caused deforestation, desertification, oil depletion, greenhouse gas increase, water pollution, the extinction of species, and the list goes on. We must take a stand to steer humanity away from irreparable harm. Our action is not optional, it’s essential.

We cannot be silent in this defining moment. We need to call on U.S. and foreign leaders to stand firm on climate change. We are in the midst of a planetary emergency. Standing at the center of the green innovations are the spirited individuals who are speaking up and building global consciousness. These visionaries are the pillars of sustainable development. This community of artists is rising to create social awareness. We stand by them and call on the international community to support them and encourage sustainable, climate-safe energy for all.

In this issue, we share the works of the creative minds that are taking their love for our planet a step further, producing art from recycled materials or creating a strong statement through their work.
ArtTour International and our network of artists in over two hundred and five countries take a stand and join a peaceful green revolution. On December 13th, 2020, Artists For A Green Planet will unite in New York City at the television studios of Manhattan Neighborhood Networks El Barrio Firehouse for the ARTYA AWARDS (Artivists of the Year Awards), and they will record a special episode to share with you. Stay tuned for more news of the broadcast in the ArtTour International TV Show to hear their heartfelt messages.

I hope that this issue inspires you to choose an eco- friendly lifestyle with a high degree of ecological integrity. Join us today in our work for an environmentally, economically, and culturally restored planet.

through an email subscription service and productive discussions to hear your opinions.

Wishing you all my very best for the New Decade; let’s write history! Let’s make this world a better place, love mother earth, aim for peace, and create a beautiful future for generations to come.

Stay inspired!

Viviana Puello


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Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

Edition: 2019

Publication Date: October 25, 2019

Available in: Print & Digital

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