Renate Polzer

Renate Polzer

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Transformations in Art:

Renate Polzer’s 2D and 3D Abstracts

Renate Polzer is an artist whose work stands out in art with her unique approach to abstract paintings. Her two and three-dimensional works feature exciting shapes, letters, vibrant colors, and unexpected contrasts, inspiring viewers and provoking intrigue. Through a process of transformation, Polzer’s paintings merge optical and haptic impressions to create captivating pieces that explore the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Renate Polzer – Top Featured Artist.

“Part Of Europe!” Mixed Media by Renate Polzer.

Polzer creates works of abstract art in two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats that provoke, inspire, and captivate her viewers. She connects optical and haptic impressions by transforming previous paintings onto new ones. This process enables her to create vivid visions for her audience.

The artwork is highly colorful and often consists of bold shapes and patterns. With such boldness comes the need to be careful regarding placement and color scheme.

“Part Of Europe” Installation, Mixed Media by Renate Polzer.

By employing a minimalist aesthetic, Renate’s art is able to draw attention to small details and clever nuances within her pieces. Her work plays on concepts of simplicity and complexity to bring together the two seemingly disparate elements of color and form.

Much like a painter creating a landscape, each one of her pieces requires an immense amount of care, consideration, and skill to maintain the balance between abstraction and clarity. With superb technique, she combines contrasting hues and textures to give her work depth, emotion, and energy. Her works are further enhanced with clever use of materials, giving them a unique physicality that enhances the visual impact of each piece. While some artists become complacent with their style, Renate continues to surprise viewers with unexpected combinations of forms, lines, and spaces that are dynamic and eye-catching. Her art invites exploration as viewers attempt to make sense of the complexities presented before them. As viewers interact with her work, they are invited to delve into its secrets and discover their own personal interpretations.

Renate Polzer’s creative process is about finding her unique path and discovering new elements in her work. She starts with paper, carefully selecting a mix of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. She then builds layers of different elements to create her intricate collage paintings. In the Terrain Series, she blends historical letters and images from diverse cultures worldwide.

The result is an abstract painting that merges the contrasting elements of organic and geometric patterns, light and dark colors, and positive and negative spaces.

The work of Renate Polzer evokes thought-provoking emotions and invites viewers to explore their imagination and discover hidden stories.

Her surroundings and her personal experiences often inspire Renate Polzer’s works. She draws from things she has seen in the world, colors that she likes, objects that make an impression on her, and moments that evoke emotion. 

“Part Of Europe” Mixed Media by Renate Polzer.

The colors, shapes, and contrasts in her work explore how different things can be combined to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Renate Polzer also looks to the past for inspiration. Her pieces often explore the transformations that occur when an old painting is transformed into a new one. She uses the same colors and shapes but in new combinations to produce a unique piece of art. She also enjoys exploring how abstraction can be used to make a work that has meaning and is visually interesting.

Overall, Renate Polzer is an excellent source of inspiration; her works explore the potential of how everyday objects, colors, and shapes can be combined to create something unexpected and beautiful.

Renate Polzer

Viviana Puello

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