Richard Pitts

Richard Pitts

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

The Colorful World of Richard Pitts: An Artist’s Journey in Sculpture, Painting, and Collage

Explore the vibrant world of Richard Pitts! A skilled artist, Pitts creates captivating works of art through sculpture, painting, and collage. His use of colors, shapes, and patterns ignites our spiritual substance, evoking a sense of energy and movement that brings life to any space. Pitts’ contemporary marvel is sure to captivate your senses. Embark on a journey through his art today and be entranced by his stunning creations.

“Lunar Series123” Acrylic on Canvas by Richard Pitt.

Richard Pitt – Top Featured Artist.

A sculpture makes a place important until the place makes the sculpture important.
Art is a way finder for the human spirit.

– Richard Pitts.

Art is a unique and untranslatable language that transcends language and speaks directly to our souls. Richard Pitts understands this power and has utilized it to communicate emotions and experiences that words cannot express. His vibrant works of art invite us to explore our spirituality and delve into ourselves. The unexplainable nature of his art makes it unique, memorable, and captivating.

Richard Pitts’ art spans various mediums, showcasing his diverse and multifaceted talent. From mesmerizing sculptures to captivating paintings and intricate collages, Pitts demonstrates his versatility and creativity as an artist. Each medium offers a unique experience for the viewer, highlighting Pitts’ ability to create art that speaks to different emotions and narratives. Through his multifaceted works, Pitts invites us to explore the depths of his artistic expression and the beautiful world he creates.

Richard Pitts’ sculptures are captivating, exuding an alluring beauty that draws viewers in. His use of intricate details and expert craftsmanship creates a sense of awe and wonder. Each sculpture tells its own story, evoking a range of emotions from admiration to introspection. Pitts’ ability to bring life to his creations through form and texture is a testament to his talent as an artist. The alluring beauty of his sculptures is a testament to his creativity and mastery of the medium.

“Dog Barking at the Moon” A Powder Coated Aluminum by Richard Pitt.

Pitts’ paintings truly reflect his playful complexity as an artist. Each brush stroke brings life to his canvases, creating a world filled with vibrant colors, intricate details, and depth. His masterful abstract compositions invite viewers to explore the depths of their imagination and embrace the joy of creativity. Pitts’ paintings are a delightful dance of shapes, lines, and colors, with each element adding to the playful complexity of his artwork. From bold, energetic brushstrokes to subtle layers of texture, Pitts’ paintings captivate the eye and engage the mind. His work’s sense of movement and dynamism brings his paintings to life. The playful complexity of Pitts’s paintings encourages viewers to let go of preconceived notions and immerse themselves in the joyous exploration of color and form. With each new painting, Pitts invites us to enter a world of playful complexity where imagination knows no bounds.

The collages created by Richard Pitts are a beautiful chaos of colors, shapes, and textures. Each piece is a visual feast, filled with layers of images that create a dynamic and vibrant composition. The combination of different elements in Pitts’s collages establishes a sense of movement and energy, inviting viewers to dive into the complex world he has created. The beautiful chaos of his collages captivates the eye and sparks the imagination, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who encounters Pitts’ collages.

“Fragmented Memories” Collage by Richard Pitt.

Color plays a vital role in Richard Pitts’ art, adding depth and vibrancy to his creations. Through his bold and harmonious color choices, Pitts is able to evoke specific emotions and create a sense of energy within his artwork. Colors are carefully selected to enhance the narrative and symbolism of each piece, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in his vibrant and captivating world fully. The importance of color in Pitts’ art cannot be overstated, as it adds a layer of visual storytelling that enhances the overall impact of his work.

Pitts’ art delves into the spiritual substance of human existence. Through his unique artistic language, he taps into something deeper, something intangible that connects with the core of our being. His works become a vessel for contemplation, inviting viewers to reflect on their spirituality and delve into life’s profound questions. 


Richard Pitts

Viviana Puello

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Written by Viviana Puello

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