Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA

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Sculpting Nature: Unique Style and Technique of

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA

Meet Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA, an acclaimed sculptor celebrated for his remarkable style and approach that captures the magnificence of nature. His contemporary and abstract stone sculptures boast captivating curves that enhance the natural colors, features, and textures of the material. Moreover, his art pieces exude life through their shape, texture, form, and the integration of key artistic elements.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA‘s sculptures are characterized by their distinctive style, which includes captivating abstractions and intriguing curves that hold the viewer’s attention. He skillfully utilizes the shape of the stone to create a stunning piece of art that showcases the material’s natural beauty while highlighting its inherent character and distinctiveness.

The curves in Tom’s work are particularly noteworthy as they are designed to create a harmonious interplay between the sculpture and the space around it. They highlight the stone’s various natural curves and contours, emphasizing the textures and colors and creating a dynamic interaction between the work and its surroundings.

This approach creates a sense of movement in his sculptures, inspiring a profound sense of wonder in the viewer and creating an ever-evolving interaction between the piece and the onlooker. Through this technique, Tom transforms his medium into an evocative and inspiring work of art that connects the viewer with nature in a way that is both visceral and transcendent.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA – Top Featured Artist.

“Energy & Light” Bronze by Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA.

In Tom’s hands, stones become alive with a new vibrancy and energy. He often uses simple yet powerful techniques such as polishing, chiseling, and carving to highlight the beauty of the stones. His careful selection of stones is a testament to his love and appreciation for natural beauty.

One of Tom’s unique techniques is creating juxtapositions between different stone parts. He skillfully connects different colors, patterns, and textures to bring out the best in each element. Tom creates intriguing shapes and works with the stone’s natural grain and form rather than against it.

Tom’s sculptures often resemble abstract forms that are fluid and dynamic. His use of negative space in his sculptures creates a visual balance and harmony between the solid stone forms and the emptiness surrounding them. As a result, his sculptures are not just static objects but dynamic works that engage and captivate the viewer’s attention.

“Majestic Ice” Alabaster by Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA.

Tom’s approach to creating sculptures is both unique and innovative. His love and passion for nature and exceptional skill allow him to produce stunning sculptures that beautifully reflect his artistic vision. Through his work, Tom encourages us to admire and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA’s creative abilities extend beyond stone sculpting. His repertoire includes remarkable bronze sculptures, each a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that encapsulates the very essence of nature.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA‘s bronze sculptures often feature organic shapes and textures, complementing the natural beauty of the metal.

Overall, Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA‘s bronze sculptures are a testament to his skill as a sculptor and his ability to create works of art that convey a message.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA‘s sculpting technique not only focuses on accentuating the natural features and beauty of the stone he is working with, but he also creates an exciting dynamic by playing with the positive and negative spaces of the sculpture.

Through his creative use of positive and negative space, Tom Ashbourne invites the viewer to engage in an intimate conversation with the sculpture. As a result, each piece becomes a conversation piece, inspiring contemplation and reflection on the relationship between form and space.

“Autumn” Alabaster by Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA.

Tom’s sculptures stand out for their ability to harmoniously combine contemporary and traditional styles, resulting in something fresh and captivating. His creations possess a modern edge yet remain classic and enduring, ensuring their relevance for future generations.

Tom’s sculptures are not just static art pieces but visual representations of the energy flowing through them. Each piece is designed to elicit a particular emotional response from its viewer and to create a sense of connection between the artwork and its surroundings.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA‘s sculptures are a must-see for anyone who loves contemporary art or appreciates the beauty of natural stones. His unique style and technique have resulted in an inspiring body of work that will leave a lasting impression on all who experience it.

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA

Viviana Puello

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