Toti Cuesta

Toti Cuesta

Top Featured Artist | ArtTour International NY.

Toti Cuesta’s Powerful Watercolor Portraits

Toti Cuesta is a watercolor portrait artist whose mesmerizing works have the remarkable ability to capture the spirit and emotion of her subjects in a beautiful and thought-provoking way. Through her vibrant colors and symbolic imagery, Toti Cuesta conveys powerful messages about the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Toti Cuesta was born and raised in Spain and has always had a passion for art, and she uses it to connect with her inner self, the universe, and other planes of reality. Through her paintings, she seeks to share the sense of oneness and happiness that art brings her. 

Toti Cuesta – Top Featured Artist.

Her figurative paintings reflect feminine energy and the need to develop empathy, resilience, patience, love, joy, and gratitude. Using symbols, Toti Cuesta hopes to share her message of how art and color can radiate the light within every human being.

Toti Cuesta’s creative process is a mystical journey of connection with higher planes of reality and unity with the whole. Everything starts with the highest part of her being—free of thoughts, emotions, and words. From this inner void, her art is born. Her work’s colors represent the expanded consciousness from which the painting emerges, creating a feeling of love and harmony. The composition then begins to take shape, guided by the inner wisdom of the piece itself. The final result often looks drastically different than the original composition, as the message becomes more evident as the creative process progresses.

Toti Cuesta’s creative process is based on her experience and relationship with nature. She draws her inspiration from the beauty of the human being, the appreciation for life, the diversity surrounding us, and all the little details that make life memorable. Her passion is to capture all those feelings in her portraits.

“Mother Earth” Watercolor, 56 x 76 cm by Toti Cuesta.

Toti’s work speaks about her commitment to our environment and empathy for all living beings. By painting, she encourages us to be present at the moment and appreciate the beauty around us. She invites us to think deeply and reflect upon our relationships with ourselves and others and our connection with nature. Her paintings remind us of our responsibility to be more conscious and aware of our impact on the planet.

“I Am Nature” Watercolor On 640 gr Paper, 76 x 56 cm by Toti Cuesta.

Through her art, Toti shares her vision of a world full of love, empathy, and respect. For her, art is a powerful tool for creating meaningful connections, increasing understanding between different cultures, and promoting acceptance and peace.

Toti Cuesta’s watercolor portraits are masterful works of art that capture emotion and feeling. Her vibrant colors and attention to detail help create a sense of movement and connection within her paintings. Her unique style stands out for its delicate lines and shapes and for how she captures subtle expressions in her subjects.

“I Am Tree” Watercolor, 56 x 76 cm by Toti Cuesta.

Toti often uses symbols to express more profound meaning and provoke her viewers. As a result, her work has a compelling impact, one that goes beyond just the aesthetic. Her use of geometric shapes represents eternity and interconnectedness. She often incorporates architectural forms into her portraits to symbolize that we are all part of a larger whole, connected by our shared humanity. Each symbol holds its unique message, and when taken together, they paint a vivid portrait of Toti’s philosophy on life. 

Toti’s work inspires those seeking to find beauty in the world and cultivate more meaningful relationships with others. Through her art, she has created a safe space for people to express their feelings and gain insight into their growth. Ultimately, Toti’s watercolor portraits bring a sense of hope and optimism—a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is still light ahead.

Toti Cuesta

Viviana Puello

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