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Welcome to “Art Fusion”, a brand new summer issue celebrating the diversity of artistic expression and human creativity in a visually compelling and transcendent package, brimming with vivid and exclusive images as well as amazing multimedia articles. For digital readers, the online issue of “Art … [Read More]



ATIM’s Top 60 Masters presents: Lorenzo Quinn

  Calling Lorenzo Quinn an accomplished sculptor and artist would be an understatement. His masterful sculptures are visually symbolic pieces that represents our journey through life filled with joy,fear, insecurities and a wide army of emotions, they evoke in the viewer the need to search beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual. Born from … [Read More...]

Margaret Chwialkowska_Persimmon Reflection_oil_32x42in

ATIM Choice Award, here is the winner!

Announcing our winner for the 2015 ATIM CHOICE AWARD. You have selected this winning artists, thank you for supporting the arts! Margaret Chwialkowska Margaret Chwialkowska endeavors to capture the strong emotional impact of Canada’s dramatic landscapes. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, she works with a palette knife in the alla prima style, using bold pigments and textures […]


Jil Love Revolution

    by Rea Felix - "The Jil Love Revolution provides a voice to the unheard. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are … [Read More]

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A Tour to Kyoto

by Suzanne Duncan -  The city that once served as Japan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868, is now the country's seventh largest city with a population of 1.4 million people and a modern face. Over the centuries, Kyoto was … [Read More...]


RAJASTHAN: Desert Odysseys

      by Dominique Roux - In 1997, fine art photographer Aldo Basili travelled to India and captured through his lens scenes of everyday life in Rajasthan. We bring you the awe-inspiring images found untouched on his … [Read More...]

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Be silent . . . listen to the angels sing

Today I want to share with you an excerpt from my upcoming book “Just Be Inspired” where I speak about the importance of stepping back. “Make a pause every now and then, step back and enjoy your creation. Take your time to be silent and listen to the angels sing. There is something precious about […]

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Artist’s Tips & Guide

Resilient You

ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2015

Coming to a store near you June 20th 2015! Featuring 60 incredible artists selected from a pool of over 1200 submissions, this award winning publication brings to light the best of the best in the contemporary art world. Curated by the internationally acclaimed art personality and guru Viviana Puello, Editor-in-Chief of ArTour International Magazine, the publication spotlights top talent from a vast array of artistic forms. Featuring: Hessam Abrishami, Hesham Malik, Lorenzo Quinn and Vladimir Volego among many other great master artists. The 2014 issue of the ATIM's Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art was awarded the Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil for its contribution to arts and culture globally. Published by ArtTour International Publications.

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