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ArtTour International, the fastest growing art magazine in the international market, covering Europe and the Americas, dedicated to exposing contemporary art by bringing it to the eyes of collectors, art buyers, dealers, art critics, gallerists and art lovers.


ArtTour International Magazine Reaches over 2.1 million online readers and targets 50,000 readers on the printed publication on more than 64 countries around the globe.


Breaking News! We're excited to announce the award given to our Editor in Chief Viviana Puello by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil.  The Grand Metal of Honor" and title of "Honorary Member" was bestowed by Mr. Edilson Barbosa, President of NAFA, to recognize her "for her relevant contribution to fine arts and culture" with her work with ArtTour International Magazine and the Vivid Arts Network.  We at ArtTour International Magazine are proud of this achievement!





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ArtTour International Magazine is recognized in USA, Europe, South America and the Middle East for its international outreach and support to the arts.


In 2014 the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil, NAFA, honored Viviana Puello, our Editor in Chief with the Medal of Honor and the title of Honorary Member for her outstanding work with ArtTour International Magazine promoting the arts globally and the great contribution to the contemporary art scene. Viviana, has been interviewed by numerous newspapers, radio and TV stations to speak about the incredible success of this publication, most recently, in a full hour interview presented by Nathaly Salas for TV Venezuela, where she spoke about the mission of ArtTour International Magazine.


The team travels to a different country every two months to be present at international art events and show support for the arts, and each new issue is presented internationally at one of our distributors bookstores. We always welcome the presence of the press during all events.





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