"The Best of 2023 in the Art World: A Celebration of Artistic Excellence"

Experience the Times Square Spectacle

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“The Best of 2023 in the Art World” is the ultimate compilation of the year, brought to you by ArtTour International Magazine. We unveil the top artists who have made an exceptional impact on the art scene in 2023. Our list boasts a diverse and eclectic mix of talents, styles, and mediums sure to take your breath away. Join us as we celebrate these exceptional artists and their remarkable contributions to the art world.

Unveiling the Masters of Art in 2023

ArtTour International proudly presents ‘The Best of 2023 in the Art World,’ a curated selection of artists who have remarkably shaped the art scene this year. From the vibrant streets of New York City to the digital galleries of the world, we bring you the artists who have made a profound impact. Experience the creativity and innovation these talented individuals have brought to the forefront of contemporary art.

Best of 2023 in the Art World

Meet the Visionaries of 2023

Discover the stories, inspirations, and artworks of this year’s diverse array of groundbreaking artists by clicking on their images.

Michal Adelt

Michal Adelt

This upcoming New Year’s Eve, prepare to embark on an enchanting artistic voyage amid the captivating works of Michal Adelt showcased at the prestigious event BEST OF 2023 IN THE ART WORLD, situated in the bustling core of Times Square.

Celebrating Excellence in the Art World: Top 60 Masters Awards Returned for its 11th Year
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Attention Artists:

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Attention all artists! We have some exciting news to share with you. ArtTour International is inviting artists worldwide to submit their work for the prestigious ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Awards. This is your chance to showcase your skills and be recognized globally! The event is on June 22nd, 2024, so don’t wait any longer. Whether you’re an emerging artist or an established master, we want to celebrate your creativity and help you gain the international exposure you deserve. Join a community of exceptional artists making a difference in the world. Submit your work now and take the first step towards global recognition.

Meet The Creators

Viviana Puello - ArtTour International


Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Viviana Puello is a renowned producer, artist, and passionate advocate for the arts. She is also the visionary founder and Editor-in-Chief of ArtTour International. With over two decades of experience in the art world, Viviana has dedicated her career to empowering artists and promoting sustainability in art. Her innovative approach and commitment to excellence have made ATIM a leading voice in the global art community.

Alan Grimandi Productions


Co-Founder & Art Director

Alan Grimandi is a renowned filmmaker and photographer who, together with Viviana, co-founded ArtTour International. Alan’s artistic proficiency and meticulous attention to detail have significantly influenced ATIM’s visual storytelling. His commitment to showcasing diverse creative talents and innovative multimedia approach has played a crucial role in ATIM’s global expansion and recognition.

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