Cover Stories

Johanna Wray

“I am concerned with how human beings are mistreating the environment. Soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish. Exotic woods are
harvested from rain-forests for consumer-driven whims. I cringe when I see someone throw a fast-food lunch bag out the window while driving! There is no reason for this! We are the only species that destroy their own home.” – Johanna Wray

Kyra Belan

Kyra Belán is an award-winning artist, activist, and academic. Her art is grounded on environmental, social, and political issues, reaching a collective of crowds as her work has been used in political campaigns advocating for women’s rights. She unapologetically asserts her devotion to women’s rights through metaphorical depictions of idols that comment on violence, and female oppression. She depicts women as the compelling, independent protagonists of the story.

Kirsty Mitchell – Captivating Wonderland

Kirsty Mitchell – Captivating Wonderland

Kirsty Mitchell A highly- acclaimed photographer whose work has been featured in such magazines as Italian Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Stern Magazine, while also appearing on popular websites like Huffington Post, Daily Mail and the BBC News. With over 260,000...

Present Hessam Abrishami Brilliant Works

Hessam Abrishami Created with a masterful sense of color and movement, Hessam Abrishami’s figurative paintings are a celebration of the human spirit. His richly colored, lively paintings embody the best of love and romance, he has the ability to touch and inspire...

Lorenzo Quinn

Calling Lorenzo Quinn an accomplished sculptor and artist would be an understatement. His masterful sculptures are visually symbolic pieces that represents our journey through life filled with joy,fear, insecurities and a wide army of emotions, they evoke in the...

Rafael Amargo

by Viviana Puello - Some of the greatest icons and teachers, such as Rafael Aguilar, Antonio Canales, Mario Maya, Luisillo, and Lola Flores, help formed one of the greatest dancers and choreographers of our time. As an award winning film director and world class...


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