Carla Fracci, A Legend Leaves On, Her Joy for the Arts of Ballet Placed Her As Number One!

Carla Fracci, the internationally-acclaimed star of the romantic ballet masterpiece ”Giselle” was a paragon of artistic longevity, with six decades in the spotlight. Carla Fracci’s lifelong passion for ballet fueled a life dedicated, body and soul, to the stage. Enjoy an exclusive interview by ATIM CEO, Viviana Puello with Carla Fracci, in her home in Toscany.

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Alison Barrows-Young (ALBY)

“I’d like my viewer to consider how much potential power we have with familial wisdom, gathered mythologies, altruistic philosophies, science, and technology. Why have we not already turned the tide of planetary destruction? The time is running out; we must move forward even if we must first recant our actions and go backward. Greed and avarice, power for the few, and survival of the moneyed must stop. We must collect ourselves and restore what we can of our beautiful planet.”- Alison Barrows-Young (ALBY)

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Cher Anderson

Cher Anderson was born in New York, raised in Mexico City, and has resided in Arizona since 1990. Aprofessional graphic designer by trade for 30 years,she is now dedicating herself to her passion for wildlife art andphotography. Throughout her career as a fine artist, Andersonhas learned from the old masters by studying their techniqueand applying it to improve her techniques. She is an avid conservation supporter and a Signature Member andAmbassador of Artists for Conservation, Vancouver, B.C. Asignificant portion of sales of her art is donated to different organizations that work with endangered species and theirpreservation.

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Barbara Palka Winek

Barbara Palka Winek’s art is a compromise between the illustrative art and the abstraction. The result of this compromise is the series of paintings, called ‘ The Screens’. The present analysis is an attempt to find a broader philosophical context for the brightness of the painting matter, and subject.

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