Award-winning master artist Katrin Alvarez is known for her compelling, dreamlike, surreal paintings that represent the complexity of human situations. Alvarez focuses on the human figure while introducing multiple references such as objects, animals, etc. to enrich...

Camilla Fransrud

Let us join our Star of the Week on her journey to create a beautiful world through her paintings and photographs. “Art is about sharing your magical world and let people be a part of it. Art brings people together and gives them a breath, a moment of poetic...

Jim Fitzpatrick

"My love for drawing began as a small boy but much later in life grew from a hobby to a passion for creating hyper-realistic portraits that hopefully convey powerful stories that impact others in a positive way." - Jim Fitzpatrick WAS THERE A PIVOTAL MOMENT WHEN YOU...

Cleo Mitchel

Freelance commercial artist and master designer for over 30 years, Marty Jones found little time for “serious” illustration until 1988, when a ruptured appendix and a brush with death caused him to re-evaluate his goals and priorities.

Ric Conn

Ric Conn is a leading voice in speaking up about inequality and social issues women often face. Inspired by expressionist methods, both traditional and contemporary, he exhibits bold textures and calculated use of light in carrying the symbolic imagery in each visual narrative. Conn explores the opposition between reality and perception. His fascination and motivation are amped by realties that appear invisible in our everyday lives, cutting into the core of the hearts of his subjects and exposing hidden emotion. Layers of female characteristics are captured in each one of his paintings- focusing on the essence of courage and beauty in women.

Shifra Levyathan

Shifra Levyathan is an award-winning fine art photographer, her symbolic urban photography portrays complex layers of life and reality. Levyathan uses computer software to manipulate the images into surreal artistic photographs. Inspired by the events taking place within each individual and their surroundings, she captures profound perspectives through her lens.

Tom Ashbourne

About The Artist“After a successful career as a corporate executive, I joined the artistic community as a stone sculptor, my favorite art form, and found my passion and myself in the world of fine art. My sculptures are an extension of my artistic experiences. As an...


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