Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

Written by Viviana Puello

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About the Artist

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield
Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

A successful fashion illustrator and established visual artist, renders larger than life realistic portraits that have a classical quality to them, with a contemporary twist. Skillfully executed and deeply thoughtful, her extravagant settings bring her audience into a lavish and contemplative world. Luminous colors and luscious brushwork add a lively sense of nostalgia coupled with her acute attention to detail; every aspect of the image is captured from all ends. The textures she creates with paint seem to emerge from the surface with radiant clarity.  Ahlfield uses natural elements to complement the essence of the mood of her subjects; creating an overall transcendental experience for her audience.

This last year Ahlfield partnered with her daughter Alexandra Ahlfield launched a lifestyle fashion brand Sisumoi. The brand promotes the ideal of fine art being incorporated into everyday aspects of life.

Enjoy a full display of paintings by this artist in our Sacred Waters issue!

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

Aquatic Highway

Oil on Canvas

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield
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