Keep That Sold Art Listed!

By Tiarra Tompkins

Full-time artists are more conscious than most of how each new season can bring feast or famine. When being a creator bleeds into marketing yourself, it can get stressful. Luckily, there are some great ways to up your art selling game to the next level. For the next four weeks, we will cover the top 4 things you can do to sell more of your art. It is time to take the guesswork out of selling art and bring it back to what artists are best at, being creative.

So, how do we bridge the gap between creativity and selling? Keep That Sold Art Up! Having your sold work showcased provides your viewer with history and credibility. Showing your visitors your work is selling is an excellent thing! When you think about the sale’s psychology, your potential buyer will be more interested, and their confidence in you and your work will grow seeing that your art has found homes beyond your website.

But what if someone sees my sold art and is disappointed that piece is no longer available? A desire to purchase your sold works translates into potential sales for you. Limited edition prints and privately commissioned work are opportunities for you to continue making revenue off work you have already sold. Ensure your visitors know that they can hire you to create work like the sold pieces you are still showcasing.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The narrative of each creation matters to your buyers. Make sure to tell the story of your art. With virtual sales making up a more significant part of how our clients see and purchase our art, it is more important than ever for your customers to have an experience with your art, even through your website. Close up images of texture, a video that gives an overall tour of a piece. The inspiration and medium through which you created are all ways you can help your audience emotionally connect with your work.

In the end, remember that your buyer matters. Each person who connects with and purchases your art is an important part of your story and journey as an artist. The more of that journey you can share, the more engaged, intrigued, and encouraged your visitors will be to buy. Their purchase does more than fuel your art business; it gives you the creative control to continue to inspire others through the gifts the world needs most, your art.


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Written by Tiarra Tompkins

For the last 15 years Tiarra had created content for leaders all over the world. From art reviews to media kids and manuscript editing, her writings help others see their gifts and encourage them to change the world with them.


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